Sunday, December 18, 2011

israel Assisting Syrian Opposition In Their Terror Attacks

Links betwen Syrian opposition figures and the enemies of Syria are one of the main reasons none of these figures gained any popular support among the Syrians inside Syria, don't let the mainstream media deceive you.

Over 10 months and daily propaganda trying to demonize president Assad of Syria and his government dubbed 'Al Assad Regime' by the biggest news-houses worldwide didn't have any effect on Syrian people inside the country who such deception never worked for them, and imagine such propaganda coming from enemy states supported by regional puppet regimes in Turkey and some Arab nations that host US military bases on its grounds.

Leaks of aid given to members of the Syrian opposition personally and through organizations are almost everywhere, and nothing hidden. From direct funding of an opposition news channel based in London under the name of Barada with millions of US tax payers' dollars, to assist in smuggling high-tech satellite cell phones, internet and communication devices that evades the official telecom companies in Syria to even creating a shadow internet to be used by opposition groups allied with the USA. Such things amount to spying, invasion of sovereignty of an independent state member of the UN.

If all this is not enough, add to what American Free Press added, and we quote below the article, that israel, the state living as a parasite on the US which in turn lives as a parasite on the World's economy, have been working to destabilize Syria in all means possible, including lobbying its owned senators and administration officials to sanction instability in Syria, its big foe in the region. The article talks about supplying terrorist groups conducting terrorism acts inside Syria with weapons, confirming the Syrian official allegations of the same. 

It reads:
"israel Admits Arming Syrian Revolutionaries
By Richard Walker 
Issue 45, November 7, 2011

News that israeli weapons are in the hands of Syrian opposition groups should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with Middle East unrest. For decades, israel has not interfered openly in the affairs of its neighbors; it has run covert wars in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Iran, to name but a few nations. It has assassinated Iranian nuclear scientists and has supplied terrorists groups as long as they targeted countries it wanted to destabilize.

When it comes to Syria, israel has a vested interest in seeing it collapsed into chaos, convinced the overthrow of the Bashar al-Assad regime will undermine Syria's allies, namely Iran and Hezbollah in Lebanon. It therefore did not come as a shock to pundits when a Syrian envoy to the Arab League revealed israel has been supplying Syrian insurgents with automatic weapons. The envoy said both Lebanon and Syria had intercepted shipments of israeli weapons bound for Syrian fighters.

israel has long opposed the Syrian regime and, as far back as 2003, used its neo-con supporters to convince President Bush he should sanction the overthrow of al-Assad. Dick Cheney has since admitted he was in favor of a plan to bomb Syria because he believed it would weaken israel's enemies in the region. Syria shares borders with Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq and Jordan, and is a gateway for traffic among all those nations. israel and its backer in Washington, Barack Obama, would like to put a regime in Syria that allows them to control that gateway. In so doing, they could shut off trade between Lebanon and Iran, which is next door to Iraq.

D.C. continues to support israel's dirty work in the region even though violence in Syria could quickly spread into Lebanon. It was israel's 1982 intervention in Lebanon that led Hezbollah to become the organization it is today."

Still we find some people trying to show the riots in Syria as 'Popular Spontaneous Uprising'. 


  1. I really appreciate what you write here. But you know that Israel should be outside the debate, even in the so-called democratic world. You are really brave. Thanks!

  2. Thanks Fadi, you might have noticed that israel in all my blogs starts with a small i, because it's not a name of a normal state, it's for me a non-existent state, but what we call israel is the land and herds of settlers living on it led by warlords and supported by states with criminal past.



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