Saturday, December 17, 2011

Syrian Protesters and the Jewish Dance

They said it's a 'Popular Spontaneous Uprising' in Syria, it wasn't planned for, and people took to the streets influenced by the 'Arab Spring' wave.

Let's see, first of all, the 'Arab Spring' wave achievements in the countries that witnessed the 'popular spontaneous uprisings': 

1) Tunisia: It was said that a vegetable cart vendor 'Bu Azizi' was slapped by a police officer and his cart was crushed because it was illegal, as his dignity was hurt and his only source of income was no more he lit himself and died later. His story was spread like nothing all over the country in a 'police state' that such news stay under thick layers of fear and brutal security responses, resulting in few demonstrations in major cities, the government decided not to respond harshly except for very limited individual cases, but the riots spread, the president Zain el Abdin Ben Ali was tricked to travel by plane to find himself ousted by a coup d'etat led by the security apparatus, it's worth mentioning that the former president Mr. Ben Ali was chosen from the same apparatus by the Italian intelligence during a NATO intelligence heads meetings to replace aging president then Burqaiba. So it's a coup from within the same force the president came from, and not a successful popular uprising.

2) Egypt: Similar to above and without getting too much into details, the success in ousting former president Hosni Mubarak was only after this visit by Egyptian Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Sami Anan to the Pentagon, in USA, few days before (read info about the visit). It's worth mentioning that former president Mubarak came from the ranks of the Egyptian army and was removed by his friends, who surprisingly are in control of Egypt ruling with the name of SCAF.

3) Libya: Nobody can claim that former Libyan leader Moammer Gaddafi was a popular figure among any national or international alliance, especially after 42 years in power and preparing his son Saiful Islam for succession. It's well known that in 2003 he made a huge shift in alliance from Leftists to Rightists and thought he made the right thing with 'trusted' new allies, he also dissolved the country's army, kept unorganized groups of them and didn't do much in upgrading their weapons nor their capabilities, yet this same army fought over 6 months a coalition of NATO and friends whom succeeded in destroying the country, killing scores of civilians, in tens of thousands, of course injuring so much more, whom were supposed to be protected from Gaddafi and of course barbarically killing Gaddafi instead of the new 'Democracy' bringing him to justice. It's worth mentioning that late Gaddafi came from the ranks of the army in a military coup and his army split at the beginning of events, terrorists airlifted from Afghanistan to fight him as well by NATO airplanes and they were trained and armed in Benghazi city, wait.. NATO has a command over terrorists in Afghanistan?! That's absurd, USA is fighting those terrorists there, it invaded Afghanistan because they were harboring the guy who masterminded the 9/11 attacks and was leading those terrorists, how can NATO bring those same terrorists overseas and fight under its command?!!! Well, that's another story, we'll keep it to the 'conspiracy theory' guys who think that 9/11 was an inside job. So it was a foreign invasion with lots of complications that led to the ousting of the leader and replace him with a puppet regime and it was not a popular uprising.

4) Yemen: If there's a determined people who deserve to be called 'peaceful protesters' it'll be the Yemenis who for months gathered in millions demanding peacefully the ousting of their 3 decades leader president Ali Abdallah Saleh, in spite their army was split and despite the killings of protesters by "nobody knows who", the people wanted a change. Ok, how did the change come? By a political initiative from the Gulf Cooperation Council, the GCC, and the president was changed. It's worth mentioning that president Saleh came from the ranks of the army and the major threat to his presidency was a defection by a head of a big Republican Guards brigade! So? Successful popular uprising? 

5) Bahrain: Mute.

6) Syria: The mother of all civilizations and the mother of all 'revolutions' and the mother of all setbacks that the 'Arab Spring' faced and rendered 'DEFACED'. The NATO aligned media claims that few children wrote anti-government gravity on the walls of their school in an impoverished southern 'border' city, Daraa, those children were then caught instantly by a security apparatus, 'the Political Security Section', and the head of this section branch in Daraa 'personally' tortured those children to the extent of removing their fingernails.. How horrific, well, you can search for those children names and pictures on the internet by yourself, but worth noting that the person framed here is a distant relative to the Syrian president Mr. Assad. Then an MP at the Syrian's People Assembly (the Parliament), Mr. Youssef Abu Romieh, complained in a closed session about this incident and described what happened in his home town in front of all other members, surprisingly enough, the close session and the words of this MP were caught on a video filmed by another MP on his mobile (rumors say it's MP Mohammad Habash, an outspoken critic of the govt and people say he's very close to the ideology of the criminal Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization in Syria), the People's Assembly decides to refer the case to the committee in charge of Law, Security and Justice in the Parliament and to refer the case to the president, who in turn immediately suspended the head of the security apparatus (his distant relative), replaced the governor of the whole province and asked the minister of interior to form an independent investigation committee to report directly to him the findings and hold any person committing a crime accountable, whomever he was. 

But.. surprisingly, riots started in the city, and to ask for justice to be immediately implied the Court House in Daraa was burned down, the building of the state building was set on fire, police stations... weapons appeared in the streets, army posts attacked and suddenly a mess, police and army officers injured as well as protesters by 'nobody knows who' sniper shots, and chaos, anarchy and whatever you like spread all over the city. The government in its duties to refrain order and stability to the country deployed more police forces to be attacked by 'mysterious armed gangs' coming from nowhere, not really nowhere since Daraa is on the borders with Jordan in the south of Syria, and things got out of the control of police, and army was asked to assist. Strict orders were given by the president and were publicly distributed that no weapons used in responding to riots, but then the police and army were taking heavy casualties, and media was presence, exaggerating stories and only broadcasting casualties among civilians claiming they were killed by the army without evidence of course, and when it had no choice but to report army casualties it started claiming that the soldiers were killed by security officers for refusing to shoot at protesters...! As much as this is absurd especially for those who served in the army because it's impossible for a soldier in any army on the plant to see his colleague being killed by a security officer and that he might be next if he doesn't shoot at his own people and not killing that security officer immediately.. If you never served in the army ask someone who did about army mates. Yet, the propaganda media continued to use this same ill method and till date despite thousands of videos shown of protests and army tanks couldn't show a single army tank actually targeting a single protest and killing a single protester.

Now, back to the 'Popular Spontaneous Uprisings', armed groups were well trained and snipers knew exactly who to target in Syria, starting from Daraa, the border city with Jordan, to Banyas & Tal Kalakh, two border cities with Lebanon to Jisr Al Shoghour, a border city with Turkey, to Bu Kamal, a border city with Iraq.. The same stories and the same sick claims, and each news station quoting another news station quoting vague Human Rights groups especially a London based one under the name of SOHR, then even while showing armed terrorists sneaking inside the country from Lebanon (they call them Army Defectors - BBC reporting) and from Turkey (Al Jazeera Reporting) and elsewhere, even with all that proof by the same news station they insist that all the riots are 'peaceful protesters' against an army shelling them indiscriminately with tanks (never shown a single proof, remember)..

The extent of plotting and orchestration of the Syrian 'popular spontaneous uprising' in Syria goes beyond imagination and to very silly details such as the existence of highly sophisticated satellite broadcasting devices, highly advanced cell phones and a Shadow Internet (USA Shadow Internet For Rioters) all the way down to choosing slogans, finding sparking figures like in the case of Tunisian Bu Azizi to claim he or she ignited the whole uprising, to naming of Fridays and normal days that witness protests, to choosing the way protesters dance during their protests!!!! Stupidly enough, the plotters of the 'Arab Spring' had to improvise in Syria after all their plans failed and since they were not familiar with the culture of Syrian communities and because the plots are rumored to be masterminded by a Jewish official in the US State Dept (Jeffery Feltman, Asst Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs), instead of using local culture dances he trained them to perform a Jewish dance, compare:

The Syrian Traditional Dance (Debka), watch dancers in this song video clip:

Pro-government protesters: 

The Jewish Dance (Hasidic):

Now watch Syrian Anti-government protesters (Feltman's Rioters): 

Need I say anything further?


  1. A new article in Global Research affirms what we talked about from the very beginning, when people called us 'Conspiracy Theory' believers:

  2. By the way there are about 200 jews living in Syria still, why dont you propagate to get rid of them since you dont like them obviously. by the way jews and christians were in Syria before the arabs. there is still an operating synagoge in Damascus, even though the famous muhabarat will tell you before you enter that there is no synagoge. many times in syria things cant be which arent supposed to be right?

    1. Seems you didn't read history well, it wasn't Syria who forced them out, it was a huge pressure by the International Jewish Organizations pushed by the USA to take all Jews out of Syria, and most of the Syrian Jews went to the USA itself.
      Second, I guess you think Jews are an ethnic group and try to promote that in all ways, simply you can't, because Judaism is a religion and a believe and it's definitely not an ethnic race.. This is so lame.. once someone is a European from Poland, he converts to Judaism and becomes a Jew, then he's belonging to the occupied Palestine lands, after some time he didn't like it and converts again to another religion, he loses his claim to occupied Palestine land?! same goes for Africans, Asians..!
      What if a person becomes a Christian? He will have a natural claim to his homeland in the Vatican? Or Palestine?



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