Friday, December 16, 2011

Observations Over Syria Riots Coverage 16 December 2011

As usual and for over 10 months, Syria is the focus of one of the fierce media distortion and propaganda campaigns in the world, orchestrated by the CIA & ran by a selected news houses all linked somehow with NATO & its evil plans of colonizing and dominating the world.

Our post is not an official documentary, it's not results of any fact-finding missions and it's not linked to any governmental or NGO, we are just trying to lay out our observations and it's up to the reader to apply logic, analysis and figure out what's the reality behind events. Our observations are for you to challenge.

16 December 2011:
• State Media confirmed no deaths today due to protests anywhere in the country. Western media claimed 14 were killed as a result of crackdown on 'peaceful protesters' based on 'eye witnesses' reports over phone calls and SOHR (A one man kiosk supposed to be the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights) . No evidence shown. "SANA's Article"

• Aljazeera pan Arabian satellite news channel showed a protest & claimed to be from a downtown square known for its famous Clock Tower in the city of Homs, in the center of Syria. the shown Clock Tower is about half the size of the real one, no surrounding palm trees like the case of the real one & buildings very close to the tower unlike the real one! Then rioters' propagandists after their claims were busted came up with another argument that they have created this miniature clock in solidarity with the original one in Homs, although the original one doesn't witness any riots or crackdowns as they say, and the riots are only concentrated in two neighborhoods of slums: Baba Amro & Bab Sibaa.
The worst part is that the same protest was shown to be taking place in Al Qamishli city to the far north east of Syria & also in Aleppo in the north of Syria along with the first one

• An 'eye witness' caller on the same channel says that a 'peaceful activist' died when a "mine planted by the government at the entrance of his villa exploded when he stepped over it", while official news agency, SANA, announced the day before that the same person was killed when an explosive device he was planting exploded prematurely in a mountain small city near Damascus, 3 of his associates were injured and arrested.

• An 'eye witness' on Aljazeera under the name of Ahmad Alshaikh claimed that Brigadier Salman Alawaji was killed in the city of Qussair near Homs. The same brigadier denied his own death in an interview with state tv, & that's not the first time he's been declared dead, as he added.
"Read SANA's Article"

• BBC Arabic claimed that an anti-government protest of 200,000 took to the streets of Homs city, with no evidence except sourcing again the London based human rights observatory SOHR. "Go to the article on BBC Arabic"

• Aljazeera insists on the 'peaceful' nature of the 'protests' in Syria in contrary to all western media reports of armed gangs, confessions, western officials' statements and even Aljazeera's own documentary showing terrorists sneaking across the borders with Turkey and shooting at an army post! "Watch Video"

Above is just a part of today's collection of observations, we might update it later after reviewing other coverages of Syria riots.

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