Wednesday, December 21, 2011

NATO Still Trying to Demonize Assad to Justify Destroying Syria

The US Embassy in Damascus today linked an article of the Washington Post that starts the next step in their plan to demonize the Syrian Government and namely the president Bashar Al-Assad in order to legitimize targeting him to facilitate the intervention in the name of humanity.

The article itself quotes the UN Commissionaire of the Human Rights Navi Pillay claiming security killing civilians and such lies based on not a single evidence except alleged reports by opposition figures backed by the US & other NATO member states!!

This is what I replied there:

Libya 2.0, Iraq 3.0, Panama 4.0, Nicaragua 5.0, Somalia 5.2, Vietnam 45.3..  
This is a very good article but would be better presented by a US Secretary of State at the UN Security Council, similar to the one presented by Collin Powell claiming there are WMDs in Iraq, still to be found after the US humiliating defeat in Iraq, which crazy Obama called it a success (read my piece on that: 

But wait, Russia is returning to the international scene and who's that there also? that huge giant sleeping for so long that have used a veto at the UN, oh yeah, CHINA, well, actually a very rare double veto by two countries not one, and guess which two: Russia & China the new leaders of the world with power and economy, let's not forget that USA is in its worst days till now economical with a huge public debt, 1.2 million US families lost homes in last year while China is placing reserves abroad and lending money to others, and Russia as well coming very back very powerful. Bye Bye to the losing states, you can warmonger no more.. Your lies before led to catastrophes in the past and that would not happen again. 

President Assad himself asked "Who says that the UN is a credible organization"? Then he reminded the ABC journalist in the famous interview of so many times the UN was biased in our region, the Middle East, so we have all reasons not to trust it, and he added: "it runs through generations". By the way, the same famous interview which was totally distorted by the 'credible, trustworthy' News channel the ABC and only showed the original non-distorted interview when it found out that the Syrians had the full interview on tape and aired some of it during a press conference of the Syrian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson in a conference showing other news houses the distortion of all the answers of president Assad. Ironically, president Assad in the same interview replied to the presenter that media is distorted when passed to your people, yet they simply twisted all answers, edited to their comfort or let's say to serve the ultimate goal of demonizing Assad in order to justify his killing, remember Gaddafi when he suddenly became a legitimate target for NATO warplanes just a few months after he was NATO heads personal friend?! 

Same goes for international observers, we all remember Hans Blix and his famous report denying existence of WMDs in Iraq, yet his report was manipulated, his colleagues were actually a collection of spies to define targets for bombardment later, and he was forced to resign..  

The only crazy and real demons are the guys running the corrupt west world starting with US administration to Congress to all those 1% oppressing the 99%, and their allies in UK, France and Turkey to start with, and these people should be brought to justice ASAP before committing further crimes in the name of humanity killing more humans.

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