Friday, December 2, 2011

Game Over, All Masks Fallen - Syria

Ignore most of what's written (in a Guardian article) and look for a second at the photo at the beginning, those are supporters of 'embattled' president Assad..!

If an embattled president gets so much people to rally for him (estimates of over 1.2 million), I don't know what a 'popular' president will get?!

Game over, masks all fallen, today the Istanbul made Syrian Opposition Council head Burhan Ghalion said in a statement: In case they get to power they'll sever or maybe he used the word cut ties with Iran, Hizbollah & HAMAS.. So it's not about improving democracy, or for the sake of Human Rights, it's not about liberating the market or enhancing life standards.. It's all about cutting ties with Iran, Hizb & HAMAS, for what purpose precisely? Securing the safety of israel.

Not only he lost the mask of fighting for 'reforms' in Syria, he dealt a bullet to those few who were still supporting him and his group of opposition figures because the general mode in Syria as everybody knows is against israel, since it occupies Golan heights of Syria and other Arab lands, and its lifetime history of oppression and discrimination against Arabs under its occupation. 

Adding to the fact that killing army soldiers and security forces, then cutting them in pieces doesn't really serve democracy spreaders, nor does torching the house of court in several cities, nor does butchering civilians refusing to riot.

Picture Al Jazeera & clan tried to distribute about riots there as 'peaceful protests' oppressed by a 'brutal regime' were all blown throughout the crisis by many journalists, a Russian fact finding mission, also one of ALBA group of Latin America countries, and others, and very recently by a documentary shown at a press conference by Foreign Minister of Syria Mr. Walid Moallem, which its live broadcasting was surprisingly cut when the documentary started rolling on Al Jazeera & Al Arabiya pan Arab channels claiming the nature of "Graphic images" and their "inability to verify the contents" while they never stopped for over 8.5 months of showing more graphic videos and not a single verified contents video just to blame and frame the Syrian govt uniform forces, army & security to serve the goal of demonizing the regime in order to unleash 'freedom fighters' to finish it.. an old ugly method used in several areas before and recently in Libya.

Our above comment appeared on a Guardian Article titled "Why Russia is backing Syria" and can be found here:


  1. Russia is going to be remembered for placing their monetary interests above the interests of innocent people of Syria. When the crimes against humanity are counted by world historians, Russia's reluctance to support the international community which includes the Arab League in condemning the Assad regime will be taught to each child of future generations as an example of politics and wealth before people. Russian people - know that the world is watching your leaders and speak up against their position on Syria!! It is saddening and shameful. The innocent people of Syria need Russia's support.

  2. It's amazing to see people like Mr. Granner above still after reading the post, if he read it, insist on the brainwashing warmongering media facts he's fed by foxNews, CNN, Al Jazeera & other mass-media aligned with NATO.. NATO the same group of criminals that protected civilians in Libya from a lie invented in the West to justify the slaughtering of over 120,000 Libyan civilians and destroying the entire country.
    We're not going to delete the comment of Mr. Granner, just to show the effect of media on simple people and how they are driven like herds towards their doomed destiny.



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