Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Our Comments on A Warmongering Article by CBS News on Syria

In our effort to make the picture clearer and to try to wake up those sleeping humans to reality, we commented on an article by CBS News, link here:

Where did I see such warmongering stories? Oh yeah, a country called Libya, they were saying Gaddafi killing his own people and is droning them, oops, yes, after protecting the Libyans by killing 120,000 of them we found out the guy who drones most of his opponents plus his own citizens, he lives in a big house with a white color and has an oval office.

However, the story afterwards revealed that 'freedom fighters' same like those shown in the video were actually Al Qaeda members brought in from Afghanistan (google Belhaj their leader), to become after polishing the honorable, holy, noble 'freedom fighters'..!

And to our surprise, USA fighting Al Qaeda in Afghanistan in its 'war on terror' can actually transfer hundreds of them to fight somewhere else..! a mystery.

And since I mentioned Afghanistan, didn't the USA invade that small far country after blaming its rulers then for harboring Al Qaeda leaders namely Osama Ben Laden?! Turned out because of the proximity to Russia and the opium fields, so 2 examples of warmongering to find out the truth after it's too late and a mess is created and now we need to find out ways to sort that mess.

Maybe, former US secretary of State Condie Rice wasn't thinking of sorting the mess after creating it in the Middle East, she left it to sort itself out, she called it: Creative Chaos.
Iraq also was an invasion based on a lie by previous hero general who was converted to an international liar when presenting fake images at the UNSC of alleged WMDs in Iraq and bla bla bla and you know now the result after almost 9 years: 1.5 million Iraqi civilians dead, 4.5 million displaced internally and across the borders in refugee camps, hundreds of thousands of injured, lots of blood and crimes in the name of 'freedom' and 'democracy'.

Now Syria, do you want to tell me that transferring 600 one of those holy noble 'freedom fighters' from Libya to south of Turkey under the same leader Belhaj to protect Syrians who never saw an internal clash except when weapons and terrorists smuggled by CIA and other NATO agencies with lots of work by Turkish intelligence?!

Syria doesn't have oil and there are no opium fields there, but the main reason the USA would leave the whole world problems and focus there is something more important than saving lives of Syrians, anyway, the UN and USA itself says that not more than 4,000 civilians killed including more than 1,200 security officers and soldiers who definitely were not killed by chanting slogans by 'peaceful protesters', it has more to do with proximity to israel, you know that small state overseas that controls a small group of nice people in the USA called the AIPAC, who in turn controls the other small group of people called the 'bankers' who in turn control who leads the masses in USA dubbed 'Citizens'. 

And since Syria doesn't have a US base there like every other country in the region, and because of its vital threat to israel, its citizens should be protected by NATO.. or maybe, protect their fast road to heavens.
Just a small hint for those hot head warmongers, Syria is not like anything you know, it confronted the USA many times in the past and won each time, it has an army of over 560,000 soldiers that increases to 1.2 during threats, can increase to 4 million trained fighters when threat is imminent, and to date over 9 months didn't see real defection, a few runaways don't count, in military terminology they're called AWOLs, absent without leave. they become defected when they pass the norm of 5% of the stronghold, ie in Syria's case 28,000 not 800 the number of them now!

Unlike Libya and Yemen whose armies split into 2 or more in defections this is a different story, plus not a single resignation over 9 months among the diplomatic body, despite many attempts to bribe or intimidate them tells you a lot what you are facing in case USA or any of its allies really think of 'protecting civilians' in Syria.

WAKE UP and STOP CREATING ENEMIES FOR YOUR CHILDREN. Mind your own business and leave others to mind theirs. Liberate your children's future from being indebted to banks run by AIPAC run by israel which received last year $8 Billion in aide (direct & indirect) when 1.2 million US Families lost their homes to banks. 

link to article and our comments there:

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