Monday, November 14, 2011

Syria And The Arab League Conspiracy

The decision of the Arab League against Syria last Saturday was not really surprising. The Arab League decided to temporarily exclude Syria from the AL activities, even without a unanimous decision in clear contradiction with the internal charter of the very same League which requires unanimous approval from all countries except the subject country. Furthermore, an Arab country earlier sent an inquiry to the legal advisory board of the Arab League asking whether it’s legal to vote by majority to suspend a single country from the League and the reply came it was not legal based on the charter unless a unanimous vote by the League at the level of heads of states, and not at the level of ministers like what happened, the legal advisory conclusion was ignored.  Some countries like Yemen, Lebanon and Algeria voted against while the Iraq abstained from voting. The decision came too quickly and without the possibility to take the chance to get a real view about the true situation in Syria. The Syrian offer to welcome a delegation from the Arab League and to show the situation in the country has not been accepted – so it looks like a lot of the countries in the Arab League just followed the questionable media coverage and advises from other non-Arab countries. Up to the 16th November Syria wants to maintain the offer until the government in Damascus will draw their conclusions on this date.

After the suspension, as it was published in some German newspapers or even the freezing of the Syrian membership, the disappointments of Syrians are very huge. No one could understand it and can believe that Syria as a founding member of the Arab League could be simply excluded this weekend. Even within the Arab League it seems like an American policy is applied, which more and more reveals how many states and governments have sold themselves - especially looking at the known Gulf States. While the people ran on the streets in rebellion over the decision and gave free rein to their rage, they also made clear their support of the Government and spoke out against the foreign interference. Syria also called on to a special summit of the member states of the Arab League.

The Syrian side expressed that the decision taken on Saturday is far away from being a legal step and that this statement truly gives a glance at the status of the Arab League. Meanwhile the Arab side also seems to have learned well from the NATO- war criminals and it has become irrelevant what requirements are laid down in writing somewhere as long as American policy is pushing and wants to have their goals achieved. The rage of the Syrians is large; it seems like the majority of them don’t want to see themselves as Arabs anymore. Some embassies and diplomatic missions in Syria were attacked, to give free rein to the Syrians’ frustration.

Among the targets of the demonstrators were the embassies of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Meanwhile the consulates of Turkey and France in Aleppo were a bit damaged.
 In the European press, the news of the expulsion of Syria goes through the press. It congratulates the Arab League for this courageous step, taking it as a correct one though bit too late, and hopes to the government in Damascus will be isolated more quickly now – by the help of Arab States, of course. One speculation is already on its very quick way - the hope that the internal collapse of Syria can continue to grow and that the Syrian people suffer more and more. Of the millions of people who meet this Saturday night on the streets in all Syrian provinces to show their support for the reform process by their government continued yesterday until the early evening hours. You cannot read about this in German news as usual when it comes to these Pro-Assad movements.

Its looks like the voices of millions of Syrians in and outside Syria are worthless and too cheap when it comes to an accurate media coverage about the events and situation in this country. Driven by blind arrogance and ignorance, the western media seems to follow the questionable politics of their countries. Again and again you read in western newspapers about dead protesters who are sold as peaceful citizens. The Syrian government is meanwhile sold to the readers and viewers in Europe as a brutal monster – which is far away from the truth that is happening in Syria. You hardly read a word about killed soldiers, policemen and family people by those “peaceful protesters”. All governments in the west are jumping on the same train. After all it seems like they found another way trying to break down the so called “axis of evil” so that the way to Iran becomes easier. When you compare the situation in the west about the Iran you remember the many similar articles and publications before the “events” in and with Iraq, Afghanistan… and the list goes on.

The decision of the Arab League boosted the German foreign minister again in his efforts to bring about a resolution against Syria in the UN Security Council this weekend. Today the foreign ministers of the EU meet and have a great work through the whole program. Of course it cannot miss Syria or Iran. Against Syria, the EU wants to adopt another round of sanctions. Further 19 individuals and companies should land on the so-called black list. It is totally obvious that these sanctions will again hit the population. That's their goal: to grind down the citizens until they rebel against their own government because of the harder life they have to life finally.

It played a very bad game and all mix very diligently with the systematic destruction of Syria. Since everyone seems to fancy Tunisia and Egypt, interference in the internal affairs of sovereign states like Iraq and Afghanistan began much earlier. What we have learned today in the ranks of governments?  Nothing at all. It continues to work diligently on his wartime propaganda and creating a failed state after another.

It is still unclear whether the premise of a military intervention in Syria will be on the table now. Although Egypt has, for example, argued against outside interference in Syria, but what this voice is worth if the NATO warmongers decide to “protect the civilian population in Syria”. No one should believe this old wives’ tale anymore, especially after what they did in Libya.

 How many brutal massacres are already on the account of NATO and, above all, how many are yet to come? The population in Syria is living in safety for the most parts. The Syrian people who have to live in insecure areas are waiting for the army and to liberate their areas. Unfortunately this is not reality in Europe.

It remains to be seen how the situation is now being developed further. However, one should expect that there will be no delegation of the Arab League to Syria, just as there will be a departure from previous warmongering course. The goal is to let Syria bleed and starve to wear down from the inside out. But even if we stick to this plan, should the Western states have not reckoned with the Syrian people and without Russia, China and other friendly states. It can only be hoped that there will be no more dirty war against Syria.


  1. Not one word about the atrocities the Assadregime has committed over the last 41 years. This is what i call ignorance. Finally the world sees the ugly face of this brutal regime.
    When it comes to the AL, even the Syrian government did not care about this lousy old men coffeeshop parlour. In the lifetime of Colonel Ghaddafi at least he brought some entertainment into their meetings.

    I met Pres Assad in Damascus twice, and i must admit that i was flattered to do so, and thought that this guy isnt as bad as his father. I think, that a lot of Syrians had this feeling. Until March he had all the time to implement reforms, but always he did not do it. In my opinion, he can not implement because real reforms of the country would mean that he and his criminal relatives and the muhabarat apperatus would have to go. The Assad regime instead will always play along as long as the power remains in their hands.
    If president Assad( or shall we use the real name of this family for once? loves his country he and his criminal clan take the next plane to London, there they could celebrate a family reunion with Rifaat before going to Den Haague.

  2. Amana-Tours: The piece above talks about behind the scene conspiracies for the particular Arab League Initiative.

    I'm sorry that you became 'Jazeeratized', you sound smart though especially you met President Assad in person as you said, but still you thought "he isn't as bad as his father" which means you had a prejudice against the 'guy' and his father, so bad for a journalist or activist, however, I'm not going to try to convince you or influence you, we are approaching events as Patriotic Syrians and not 'Opportunist Syrians'

  3. 3arabi souri

    I did not check on this site for long, so i am sorry to reply to you that late.

    I am quite frankly speaking always an independant as one could be. I dont trust any tv programme nor journalist, i try to see what is there, but sometimes you are just allowed to see what others want you to see.
    F.e the last time i was in Syria was in November last year. I am always interested in the history and religion as well. So i wanted to explore the 5000 year history of jews in Syria. I know that there is still one Synagogue left out of more than 20 once existed. Inmidst the old city of Damascus. I found it, but two "security guys" sat in front of the entrance trying to prevent that i entered the synagoge. Their english wasnt very good, so i took my right to walk inside. Those guys were obviously working for the muhabarat, and they tried to see inside the synagige what i would do there. If i had believed what they have told me in Arabic then i would know now that there are no jews, there is no synagoge, and this is a family house. Very good indeed. I was raised under the communist regime of East Germany, and therefore i am used to be bullied by state security or whatever branch of muhabarat. Anyhow, my point is that given the atrocities Assad sen committed how can i be fond of a successing son? What can one expect from such a change of rule?

    1. That's a totally different story on a totally different matter. We had a very vibrant community of Jews in Syria working in many aspects of life until they were bullied to leave Syria a long time ago, and of course not by the Syrian govt then, it was a world drive spearheaded by the USA, they were offered to move to the States and from there to go to israel, most of them stayed in the USA.
      I had a Jew friend in college from Mossilli family, the pharmacy in our neighborhood was owned and managed by a Jew, he was a very good neighbor, and I was in contact with both of them, my friend and our neighbor for some time after they moved out. I was told by them they had no other choice but to leave Syria. They were immediately granted US citizenship, a relocation Job that matched their previous and a compensation money!
      Not having Jews in Syria now can only be blamed on the USA which was bullying them to move out. Although I remember one rabbi, he was one of their leaders and stayed in Syria for further time, from the family of Abu Hamra, didn't follow their news after I left Syria.
      So it's totally a different story from what you were told I guess.



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