Friday, November 11, 2011

Our Reply on 'Flower of Syria' Article - LA Times Warmongering

Aren't you sick of your own warmongering & propaganda? Do you remember the famous 'Gay Girl in Damascus'?

Zaynab became a high profile not by govt but by Muslim Brotherhood terrorist group tried to mobilize the crowds against the secular govt based on such a lie like this. To add inslut to your injury in this case, the 'body mutilated and burnt' was a mannequine cut and burnt and filmed to be a human body, but a closer look will show you the metal joint under the armpit.. silly, but that's mere proapaganda.

Such stories are good for foreigners and expats but not for Syrians inside or experts on warfare and propaganda.. That's a totally different level.

Sedition is exactly what NATO agents were trying their best to raise using a number of Gulf Based Clerics followers of an offshoot of an Islamic extremist group called Salafis, same found in Qandahar, Afghanistan throwing acid on the faces of young girls going to school, to drug lords having their trade flourish during unrests, to weapon dealers and their ability to smuggle weapons paid in cash abroad.. etc.

There'll be no civil war along sectarian lines in Syria, the country offered a safe haven to each sect that faced annihilation & massacres in their own countries which explains the number of sects inside this country.

Just for your info, the president's religion is Muslim with no extras as he declares himself.

The above comment in reply to what LA Times article titled: 'Flower of Syria'

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