Sunday, November 6, 2011

Al Jazeera Tries to Defend its ill Reporting from Syria & We Strip It Naked

As usual & expected from NATO Warmonger channel Al Jazeera one sided stories: All media especially Al Jazeera was present in Libya, and restricting journalists there as we all know was by NATO rebels & not by Gaddafi, yet all information warmongers like AJA was reporting was 99% fiction & biased against Gaddafi, the fact that Seiful Islam, Gaddafi son was reported captured & redistributed in a crucial time to hit his supporters to the extent that an ICC official comes out & asks NTC to deliver him without harm then the same person drives to Bab Al Azizieh by his car & not detained and in the same square reported to be taken over by NATO rebels tells a lot about independent foreign journalists, especially Al Jazeera.

Despite the fact the regime in Syria successfully discredited all the reports the Al Jazeera & sisters from the NATO Allies in the case of Zainab Al Hosni, we see Nir Rosen, one of your heavily involved journos in Syria talk about another body shown on his channel & asks who she was, indicating that he didn't watch Addounia TV mocking his channel & all other warmongers when showing & proving that the 'other body' reported was nothing but a mannequin cut & burnt and even in a closer look when Addounia froze the cam, the steel joint for the armpit was so clear in the images, but why bother, who will watch banned Addounia channel on the European satellite in the name of free media and discredit Al Jazeera Stories..!

Credible media channels would feel ashamed when caught misleading audience once and tend to be more careful in scrutinizing any new material before airing it in order to regain trust of its audience, this didn't happen in the Al Jazeera case where hundreds of Youtube videos, shaky films, photos and 'eye witness' stories were refuted with undoubted evidences by State TV & Addounia and tens of activists took efforts to clarify to the world that what is shown falls in the propaganda and not fact reporting media games.

Live protests in July of protesters wearing heavy winter clothes and cloudy skies, reports of Al Hourani Hospital in the city of Hama being razed by 'indiscriminate tanks shelling' that razed also other cities like Talk Kalakh, Baniyas, Jisr Al Shughour, Harem, Bu Kamal, Der Ezzor, DaraĆ”; Navy Ships bombing Al Raml Palestinian camp in Latakkia, and so many other daily stories were all lies and a visit to all these areas prove that not a single tank used a single projectile against a single target in any of these areas or anywhere else in Syria, yet the story moves from one place to another without learning from previous lessons, it only proves that either the guys editing the news in Al Jazeera & NATO sisters don't do their homework in verifying the info before broadcasting it, or they follow a certain plan to keep broadcasting lies disregarding their authenticity, or finally they disrespect their viewers minds and self-analytic.

Also, can you tell the viewers where did 900,000 protesters in Hama & 400,000 protesters in Der Ezzor disappear? How did they fit in the Assi square in Hama & in the main square in Der Ezzor, respectively when each cannot fit more than 40,000 human beings packed 4 in each square meter?! Since you reported these masses in July and after the city was opened and cleansed from NATO agents all these 'masses' disappeared, and if you say that army or whatever security force can keep 1.2 Million people at home and away from protesting, you'll be insulting your own intelligence. 

And when you see over 2 million pro-govt citizens fill Omayyad Square which is 14 meters wider than Tahrir square in Cairo in diameter, add to it the very wide 7 attached roads you say 'thousands rallied in support of Assad' I tell you guys, you lost it big time. And when you say in your reporting of Aleppo 1.5 Million in Saad Allah Jabri Square, that these people rallying in support of president Assad because they "feel obliged to rally for the regime that has given them advantage over the rest of the country and that it has protected their business interests" that's a total stupidity, sorry to say; tens or even hundreds can be described like this and people might buy it, but if the 'regime managed to protect the interest' of 1.5 million in one city alone Aleppo, that means the 'regime' is doing a great job serving the whole country that its total population doesn't exceed 23 million, out of which over 55% under the age of 15!!!

In Syria, and among the public Al Jazeera managed to set a new standard, now when someone wants to discredit a friend's story he'd tell him: You become a more liar than Al Jazeera.

Keeping such media outside the country at a very sensitive time has served to protect the truth of events and not just to keep the president seated as you mentioned in your reportage. 

Sad to say that in spite the fact that the Syrian govt has recently allowed all foreign media to re-enter Syria based on the Arab League initiative, I personally wouldn't advice you as Al Jazeera to go there as it'll useless, you already lost credibility big time, and to regain it will require so long time until all the existing generations that witnessed your biased, discredited, one sided reporting, all of them forget this warmongering propaganda you demonstrated and a new generation comes up and might accept to watch your news again.

Above comments appeared on Al Jazeera English report called 'The message from Damascus - Listening Post with this link:

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