Sunday, November 20, 2011

Our Comments on A CNN Article Distracting The Real US Tax Payers Struggle Away from OWS into Syria

I really admire his (President Assad's) insistence to warn regional countries and international society despite their eagerness to just invade one country after another.. He's doing what he has to do so nobody will blame him in the future when 'very dire' repercussions occur.

And to those who still think it's a peaceful opposition protests against a regime using tanks against them, go visit Homs City, central of Syria where people are kidnapped on remote countryside roads just because of their sect, slaughtered with butcher knifes and sent in pieces to their families, then deny the existence of salafi groups, even secretary Clinton admitted they are well armed, well financed and just waiting to launch a civil war in entire of the country.

Libya scenario won't reoccur in Syria as far as warmongers wishful thinking takes them, civil war won't happen in Syria as Clinton's wishful thinking takes her, if it was to happen it would've happened 8 months ago when the 'peaceful protesters' started killing indiscriminately, the more killings happening there is only uniting the people behind their army that barely saw a crack out of 560,000 troops, 60,000 security members.. 

Stop playing stupid and open both eyes, saving israel's greed isn't worth all the blood spilled and all the money wasted, 1,200,000 families lost their houses in USA itself last year to banks, wake up, your struggle is with the soul of OWS and don't let them distract you by opening wars in far countries and feeding you with misleading Hollywood style media.

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