Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Economist Misleading Readers About Syria

Now switch each info here with the opposite term and you get facts instead of wishful warmongering.

Start with the title: Time is running out for Obama to pull his troops in a humiliating way from Iraq, not for Assad, who's playing with this time.

Assad's regime has become bloodier and lonelier? If we exclude NATO and allies from the region we still have: India & China (half of the world's population & very strong economies), Russia a huge potential strong player both with military & economy, a fleet just anchored at Tartous, Syria yesterday to show solidarity, let's add a few countries: ALBA (South America group of countries including Brasil, Argentina, Cuba, Venezuela...), South Africa, and some others, who's becoming lonelier?

Bloodier? Well yes, if we take what Secretary Clinton said: the opposition are well armed, well financed & she fear moving to sectarian civil war & add to it when her spokeswomen earlier called on militants not to hand over their weapons & benefit an amnesty, plus what Turkey's stance which sponsor a terrorist group linked to part of the Syrian oppositions abroad that tells us who is bloodier, note here that Turkey is from NATO.

The most calm person and confident of his position is Assad himself, with Iran confirming its stance firmly behind him esp in case of war vowing to join & Iran's opposition lead figure former president Khatami committing to stand with his govt in case of war. Think Iraq after US withdrawal being very allied with Iran thus Syria, their opposition to the Arab League suspending Syria's seat and their decision to allow Syrian goods in Iraq exempting it for 6 months from standards checking in defiance to US position and calls to sanction Syria! 

The Arab League offered to mediate? Maybe you need to read their continuous statements and their weird decisions pushed by the GCC bloc, they never meant to mediate except to dictate their conditions thinking by pressure Assad would accept to split from Iran’s alliance that with a free Iraq paves the way for the strongest gigantic allies in the region!

You say as peaceful protesters gathered steam, and we first don’t see peaceful protesters except more terrorist attacks on govt buildings, even now bragging about attacking such buildings like today’s incident against Baath Political Party building in Damascus with RPGs! And gathering steam? Excuse me? In July, 2011 Aljazeera News Channel & sisters of warmongers reported in 2 cities alone 1.3 million protesters while in last Friday the total protests all over the country didn’t gather more than 25,000 protester!

Turkey turned against him, that’s correct, because he refused their dictation of placing members of a terrorist organization in a proposed new Syrian govt combining 50% of it; this terrorist group is called the Muslim Brotherhood, surprisingly, all Al Qaeda members came from this organization; as well as Turkish ruling party the AKK.

While at the same time we can’t count Jordan except a trouble maker tiny southern member known for its since ever alliance with the USA, and having the late father of the current king on the payroll of the CIA with a monthly salary of $1 Million…
Today’s foes and friends of president Assad we can split them in two camps: The NATO & allies and everybody else, consider in the first camp: NATO member countries, israel, and Arab countries with US bases on their soil, while the other camp consists of sovereign states with no US bases on their soil.. 

China and Russia are not worrying for president Assad as both countries for the first time used a double veto at UNSC last month for the sake of Assad theoretically, but practically they used it to put an pause on US’s mad dog policy invading and destroying countries one after another with Syria as a last post in the region before reaching the very borders of Russia and China (National Security Concerns).

Syria is different from Iraq and totally different from Libya, Iraq had an 8 years devastating war with Iran then moved into lengthy sanctions after invading Kuwait plus a one third of the country’s territories under a No Fly zone self autonomy part (Kurdistan) with no upgrade to weaponry for 2 decades, while Libya’s Gaddafi handed over his country’s power points to the US & friends losing all power, with a different geographical features putting all important cities on a coastal line so long and so thin, unlike Syria’s complicated terrain plus its dangerous proximity to israel, no need to mention here the missile’s capability of Syria putting tiny israel in life-threatening drama in case Assad decides to retaliate against any aggression on his country, which he stated bluntly more than once.

So, put your info correct for your readers & stop warmongering, it’s not good for US & Europe’s economies, having US citizens losing 1.2 million houses to banks last year alone, your people’s concern is how to support OWS not how to distract by waging another losing war overseas.

Our above comments were in reply to an article by The Economist warmongering about Syria while distracting their readers away from the real struggle Western citizens face by feeding them with misleading information, it appears here:

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