Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Our Reply to British Ambassador in Damascus Silly Note

Wish if you wrote your own note instead of a Syrian opposition figure for you, I wouldn't be surprised if he used Google Translator to translate it into English, because it sounds just so.

Anyways, since you adopt it, consider this: 

Protests in United Queendom (United Kingdom but since you don't have a king for the past few decades) protests there are not allowed & who organize a protest will be detained, prove otherwise..?!

Your regime in UQ has committed the worst brutal crackdown on dissents not seen anywhere else, or can you explain a 4 years prison punishment for 2 young men for the crime of status update on Facebook?!

If your regime & your allies, the NATO criminal countries do not finance, plan, plot, facilitate & cover terrorists by your media we wouldn't face any terrorist attack in Syria.

Tell us what would be your regime reaction if Syrian ambassador in your own country did any of the things I mentioned above against your regime in UQ?! 
Palestinians, Iraqis and others who live in Syria for the past many years share with the Syrian people our resources and we host them after the fled their countries due to the major two crimes your regime committed: handing over Palestine to imported Jews and invading Iraq based on a lie, we and them deserve to be compensated with enough money by your criminal regime that would enhance living standards of our people and avoid any protests. 

If you support freedom of speech as you claim then tell us why the EU banned Addounia satellite channel from airing its point of view? Isn't that just a blow to all your false claims that you support freedom of speech?

Why didn't the regime in UQ, your regime step down when half a million protester took to the streets in London few months ago? Why your regime unleashed their thugs in uniform to oppress the peaceful protesters practicing their right to protest in a licensed protest?!

Mr. Ambassador, please STFU and join your 2 friends the Iraqi children butcher Robert Ford and the trouble maker Eric the French high commissioner in Syria, or that what he dreams of.

Link to the ambassador's note and our above comments on it: http://t.co/wkDqMiI 

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  1. Someone replied to me there and I had to give him this back:

    Honestly, reading your reply above I was about to cry for 'my support of the killing of my fellow Syrians, and the fact that I'm in Germany enjoying its freedom and not in Syria'.. But that would be if I'm an outsider reading your sad story..

    Last time I set foot in Syria was in August, I went to Damascus my home town and I was in Latakia when your NATO media was claiming Syrian Navy shelling the city when even Secretary Clinton herself denied that.

    As of I'm enjoying freedom in Germany, I never thought of staging a protest here calling for the hanging of the Chancellor to see what would be the reaction of German police, I never also thought of burning 'Gericht Hamburg' or the court house here to see if that's included in my right to protest and if the govt here would secure this right.

    Just a reminder my tax contribution here in Germany last year was 42% which makes me not only enjoy freedom of cursing politicians but also pay them to serve me and the community, for your info the total tax amount a Syrian pays in Syria does not exceed in any way 9.5% including social service contribution (covers retirement, health and compensations), while in Syria the citizens and residents and 1.5 million Iraqi and Palestinian refugees get FREE Health care, FREE Education, SUBSIDIZED Fuel, Rice, Bread, Sugar and Olive Oil, they are just deprived from cursing the president, but I guarantee you they can curse anybody else freely even in the old days of late president Hafez Assad when I used to live there.

    If you are not happy with me, of A Syrian Origin, living in Germany then ask all Germans living in the Arab (Persian) Gulf, tens of thousands of British, thousands of Americans and other nationalities, millions of Indians to leave the Gulf and go back home. Ask all Europeans to leave America for its original people and go back to Europe, Ask Europeans to leave Australia, Jews to go back to Poland and leave occupied Palestine for its people, then when all of these people go back home, I'll consider going back to Syria.

    Sorry to say, that based on your information you are either brainwashed or biased and I don't blame you if Fox News or its sisters feed you with information, it's the same Mainstream Media that is shy in covering Occupy New York, yet it makes big headlines for the capture of Gaddafi 2 sons and the killing of 2 others, which turned out to be a big fat LIE.

    Let me see US Citizens enjoy their right to protest, which should include torching private and public properties and killing security forces just to be in par with their Syrian counterpart, then ask me to accept such protests in my country, after all, Syria is not the leader of the world and never claimed a duty to spread its way of living across the globe. btw, let USA remove the State of Emergency introduced since 1995 and effective till date.

    Let me see UQ (formerly UK) allow its citizens to peacefully protest now, unless you didn't hear the news that they prohibited protests there, then when half a million that's (500,000) UQ citizens take the streets in a protest let me see their Prime Minister David Cameron step down. Not when a couple of hundreds take the streets in a remote village in Syria the president there should step down. Try to find the names of the villages mentioned in Mainstream media to have protests and security oppression in Syria on the map to start debating.

    I don't want dictatorship in my country Syria, and also I don't want NATO to introduce democracy there like they did in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya and the list is long.. those are where NATO countries got involved in spreading their version of Democracy that doesn't even apply in their own states.



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