Monday, July 4, 2011

What's Next in Syria

After the Syrian President issued two pardons of criminals who attacked and destroyed public and private properties assuming that they were pushed by armed gangs, it's fair to say that whomever didn't take advantage of these pardons and insists on destruction of the country should face justice with no mercy.

Innocent people are killed, their properties are being torched, public buildings attacked, security is draining and some haters calling to destroy the economy to finish what's left for the people of Syria, they say in the name of democracy! Which democracy calls for all that destruction?

Whenever the government tries to put an end to these armed gangs, the international community cries for their safety, thankfully the Russians and Chinese are rejecting fierce pressure from the west and refusing to copy the Libyan intervention style onto Syria, of course in addition to Iran and National Resistance Movements in the region and the majority of Arabs.

Criminals should be brought to justice, their operators should be exposed, infiltrators and the armed gangs have to end up where they belong in the garbage of history.

The great Syrian people should take all this that happened as a hard experience and move forward, now they know who is on their side and who is their enemies. Work on rebuilding the country, unite and apply the reforms agreed on as a first transitional step towards a new democratic justice country

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