Monday, July 11, 2011

Our Comment on WSJ in Regards with Blogger Anas Claimed Detention

I'm afraid this sounds more like the infamous: Gay Girl in Damascus blog who turned out to be an American Straight & Married Guy living in Scotland..! Many similarities, unless:

There would be no reason for what we know the Syrian Security Apparatus to arrest bloggers discussing Tech stuff, they would target usually anyone dealing with politics and that stopped over 2 months ago, so if the story is right there's something missing in it, either Anas is a blogger who is blogging about organizing unlicensed demonstrations causing chaos and anarchy, or he was caught taking videos of such protests & distributing to a hand picked channels that were proved biased against the official Syrian Govt. like Al Jazeera Arabic & France 24.. Though Al Jazeera English has a different unbiased stance the Arabic version is broadcasting a very odd unprofessional campaign instead of covering news.

As we highly disapprove the detention of any 'Journalist' or civilian who didn't break the law, we consider dealing with such channels like if a USA journalist makes a contract with Al Qaeda Operative and broadcasting their point of view only.
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The Article & Our Comment:

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