Sunday, July 10, 2011

Our Comment on LA Times Footage & Article of Armed Gangs in Midan

It's obviously nothing to do with any sect in Syria as there's no other country in the region that its people are so interwoven like any Syrian government since ever, each member is from a different sect, most civilians in the regime are not alawis, majority of the army is not alawi it's surprisingly from Dara'.. can u imagine? 

Alawis are a majority in leading posts in 2 security services out of 6 main divisions & in the inner circle of the Republican Guards who protect the president personally, others are from different sects, for a surprise also: the majority of special forces in Syrian army are Christians. if that's not a shock for you yet, look at the video above and think for a second: which security or army division in Syria wears white sneakers?

During the video did you notice civilians shouting at the armed gang running and even trying to cut their way? Did you think from what those 'Armed' gangs are running? how about they were chased by police and civilians standing by were trying to help before they realized those don't only hold bats they also have pistols? more logic?

Mistakes did happen on behalf of some security forces, true, but not even comparable with the vast and systematic 'mistakes' committed by US Army in Iraq & Gitmo for an example, not mentioning using phosphoric and cluster bombs by the israeli army during 2006 & 2008 aggression's on Lebanon & Gaza respectively.

Link to the article & our comment below: 

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