Monday, August 22, 2022

Turkish Erdogan will NOT Reconcile with Syria - Turkish Most Prominent Journalist

Husni Mahali is one of the leading career journalists in Turkey, he is very close to the top Turkish politicians and was a close friend of the Turkish madman Erdogan before he was jailed by his friend for daring to question Erdogan's criminal intervention in Syria in an article, he sees that Erdogan's latest statements about rapprochement with Syria are merely a ploy.

Turkey Erdogan and the Syrian opposition

Erdogan is afraid of the upcoming elections, all indications lead to the conclusion of a major defeat for the ruling AKP anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood party in the presidential elections after losing badly in the municipal elections and based on the current deteriorating situation of Turkey's economy. The Turks, hostile to Arabs as they were always, are furious over the Syrian refugees pushed by Erdogan-sponsored terrorists into Turkey from northern Syria regions, the only way out for Erdogan is to reconcile with Syria.

In addition to his endless domestic woes, most of which are the results of his anti-Islamic Ottomanist and Zionist military interventions abroad, Erdogan is under pressure from Russia and Iran to reconcile with Syria, the two economic powerhouses keeping his regime surviving.

Turkey's national security is also threatened by the US's sponsoring of the Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists in northern Syria, another face of the PKK who is fighting for more than 5 decades to carve out up to one-third of Turkey to create a country for themselves and merge it with what they managed to control in northern Iraq and their plans to seize large Syrian and Iranian territories.

When the EU blocked its doors in the face of Turkey, Syria opened the southern gate to its northern neighbor, and the Turkish economy was saved and turned into a growing and prosperous one all the way from 2001 until 2011 when Erdogan turned his country into a hub for most of the 350,000 terrorists imported from all sides of the planet and smuggled into Syria over the past decade.

Syria blocked the southern gate in the face of Turkey and the Turkish economy faced the same issues. No matter how much the Turks and their sponsored terrorists stole from Syria and Libya, and how much they received from the EU, Qatar, Russia, and Iran, their economy continues to suffer unless Syria opens Turkey's southern gate again.

Husni Mahali, like all other sane analysts, sees all the above but also understands Erdogan very well, the Turkish madman president cannot be trusted, he back-stabbed his own colleagues who helped him including his mentor Erbakan, and Turkey's former president Gul who literally released Erdogan from prison. Mahali writes: Erdogan and the Syrian Opposition… Between Tactics and Strategy.

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