Saturday, August 20, 2022

Syria's Conditions of Turkey before Accepting Erdogan's Rapprochement

During the past few days, we've heard a series of statements from top Turkish officials calling for rapprochement with Syria and the need to cooperate with the Syrian state to 'foil sinister plots in the region' and how Turkey helped Syria during the past decade, the latest was a couple of statements from Erdogan himself in this regard.

The only thing that Turkey helped Syria with is to cleanse the country from the corrupt officials it had prior to 2011 who mostly fled to Turkey and other countries with the money they stole and embezzled, everything bad that happened to the Syrian people and the country had Turkey as the main culprit behind it.

From creating terrorist groups, training them, arming them, and smuggling them into Syria through a 910 kilometers long border, to stealing Syrian factories and destroying what they couldn't steal, contributing to the blockade against Syria and to the extent of drying up the flow of the Euphrates into Syria by building many dams to hold the water inside Turkey, and many others.

Erdogan and his AKP ruling party are in worse shape, even worse than that of the Democrats in the USA, they've faced sets of defeats to the opposition in the past elections and are heading steadily to their major defeat in the upcoming election which Erdogan if he doesn't win, jail is waiting for him.

When the EU blocked its doors in the face of Turkey, it was Syria that opened the southern gate for Turkey and from which the Turkish economy saw tremendous growth, btw, until this very day Turkey is a candidate to join the EU with no decision in sight to accept it as a member, unlike Ukraine which is fast-tracked a membership despite everything wrong in that country. What did Syria get in return from the Turks? Back-stabbing to the max.

For Erdogan to restore relations with Syria while his army occupies parts of the country with the help of non-other than Al Qaeda and its various factions, and while he continues the same policies thinking that the Syrians will run to accept his extended hand, he is proving the fool he is, Syria has won the war and turned the war waged against it into ticking bombs in the countries that attacked it, just like how Russia is winning the war and the countries opposing it in the other camp are having their ticking bombs, why would Syria accept to extend a hand and save the sinking criminals?

More in this report: Syria Wants Acts from Erdogan, Not Terrorism and Rapprochement.

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