Friday, June 24, 2022

Some UNSC Members Push to Extend a Lifeline Supply Route to Al Qaeda in Syria!

For the past several years, the three NATO members of the United Nations Security Council went out of their way to push and successfully obtain a UNSC resolution to allow them to breach Syria's sovereignty, not to help the Syrian state or the Syrian people fight against an invading army or terrorist groups, on the contrary, and very hypocritically, to supply their troops illegally occupying Syrian territories and to supply their proxy fighters, no other than Al Qaeda Levant and its numerous variants, how about that for their vicious condemnations of breaching Ukraine's sovereignty by Russia?!!

UNSC NATO Pushing to Extend Al Qaeda Lifeline for Another Year in Syria

The initial UNSC resolution allowed NATO member states Turkey and the USA to allow their armies to carry out cross-border operations, mainly in the north and northeast Syria, and to establish what they call 'humanitarian corridors' to help the people suffering in areas outside the control of the Syrian state, those same areas those same NATO members recognize being under the control of Al Qaeda terrorist groups including ISIS (ISIL) and therefore they have their military coalition to combat ISIS in Syria established and operating, which only helped expand the influence of the several terrorist groups and never helped to reduce that.

The initial UNSC resolution was limited to one year, an assessment was supposed to be carried out by the UN Secretary-General for its implementation in order to decide upon its expiry whether to renew it, assessments were always in favor of renewing those corridors despite these corridors were exposed to be smuggling more terrorists and more weapons to them, and despite the established facts that whatever food baskets were sent for media stunts were controlled by terrorist warlords who became astonishingly rich and the people in the areas they occupy remarkably poorer.

Cutting the story short, the resolution was renewed multiple times, the latest of which under pressure from Russia and China, the other two permanent members of the UNSC beside the NATO three, the USA, UK, and France, were limited to six months only and reduced the number of border crossings.

The current debates to extend the Al Qaeda lifelines pushed by the same parties who sign these resolutions that start with the mantra 'while preserving the sovereignty of Syria and its territorial integrity,' insist to breach Syria's sovereignty and territorial integrity because they believe the world must have two laws: a law to protect their interests and shield them and their proxies from any prosecution, and another law for their subjects, in their views.

Details in this excellent report by Syria News's American investigative analyst Miri Wood: UNSC NATO Pushing to Extend Al Qaeda Lifeline for Another Year in Syria.

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