Tuesday, June 21, 2022

ISIS Claims Responsibility for Deadly Attack on a Passengers Bus in Central Syrian

The US-sponsored and most effective proxy terrorist organization, ISIS (ISIL) claimed responsibility for the deadly attack early morning yesterday killing and injuring all its passengers.

Eleven soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army and two civilians were killed and three others were injured, all casualties were taken to hospitals, and the conditions of the injured are not promising.

The attack took place on the road connecting the Syrian central city Homs with the Syrian northern city of Raqqa through the Syrian desert, the city of Raqqa remains highly infested with oil thieves of the US army and their proxy terrorists of the Kurdish SDF separatists, ISIS remnants, and the other anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood Al Qaeda terrorists working for the Turkish madman Erdogan.

This attack is not the first to take place on the long roads in the open desert connecting Syria's central provinces which are also open on its southeast in Al Tanf where a US illegal military base is, and in the northeast in the Hasakah region, where other US illegal military bases coordinating the Syrian oil and wheat theft.

More in this report and how the US controls these terrorists and commands their operations in this report: NATO Terrorists Blow up Civilian Bus in Raqqa: Thirteen Murdered.

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