Thursday, May 26, 2022

Turkish Madman Erdogan about to Destabilize the Region - Syria Warns

NATO's second strongest leader is about to carry out an evil plot in northern Syria taking advantage of the world's fixation on Ukraine, especially Russia's engagement in the military operation there, the Turkish madman Erdogan will be moving up to a million settlers into a no-fly zone in northern Syria across 4 of its provinces.

The Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs warned the United Nations and the Security Council that this additional war crime to be committed by NATO, especially by the madman sultan wanna be Erdogan will be of an explosive nature that will lead to destabilizing the region and would drag the whole world into direct confrontation.

It's been his plan from the beginning after failing to overthrow the Syrian government and replace it with an anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood radical puppet regime, the Turkish madman decided to steal a large area of Syrian land stretching 30 kilometers into Syrian territories depth and over 900 kilometers, the length of the borders between the two countries.

A million settlers of terrorists he recruited from the region and from all over the world along with their families to be settled into this area he's planning to Israelize after displacing its owners, those terrorists come mainly from the Chinese Uighur, Central Asian countries of Turkic origins, North African countries like Libya and Tunisia where he has more influence, and from Europe in addition to who follow his version of Islam which is a copy of the Saudi Wahhabi religion considering every Muslim who is not radical like them as an infidel and needs to be killed, that means their cult of less than 1% of total Muslims to prevail over the 1.8 billion mainstream Muslims.

The useless United Nations warned that the Turkish operation will be in violation of its very Charter, something NATO countries have never shown any sign they respect, and that it will lead to further military confrontations 'the last thing needed in Syria' as the UN stated.

More in this report: Syria Warns of Turkish madman Erdogan’s Plot to Destabilize the Region.

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