Saturday, May 28, 2022

NATO Forces War Crimes in Syria Update: Villages Bombed and Villagers Kidnapped

NATO insists on proving its evil nature to the Syrian people with the continuous crimes of its armies, member states, and proxy terrorist groups it founded, funds, trains, arms, commands, and protects, the latest escalations in the northern Syrian provinces leaving no sane person with doubt that NATO is anything but a 'defensive' alliance.

The villagers of a small village in the vicinity of the Syrian city of Albukamal in Deir Ezzor province near the borders with Iraq were stormed by herds of the US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists, terrified by gunshots fired over their heads, the heavily-armed gunmen kidnapped two men and fled away, two more Syrian families lose their bread-earners.

A little to the north and the locals in the villagers near the town of Abu Rasin in the Hasakan northwestern countryside were bombed by artillery and mortars by NATO's second-largest army, the Turkish army, and its sponsored Al Qaeda terrorists.

Those who do not follow the news from Syria would think that NATO forces are illegally operating in Syria to combat terrorism, nope, look carefully, terrorism of Al Qaeda and its offshoots including ISIS (ISIL) only emerged under NATO presence and especially after the USA and UK invaded Iraq back in 2003.

More about these latest developments in this report: NATO Forces Bomb Villages and Kidnap Civilians in Northern Syria.

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