Sunday, May 1, 2022

Syrian President Issues a New Amnesty Covering Terrorist Crimes

There are some exceptions to the terrorist crimes as will be discussed further on. Syrian President Bashar Assad issued a presidential decree granting general amnesty on all terrorism-related crimes committed in Syria by Syrian citizens only, non-Syrian terrorists are not eligible to benefit from the amnesty, and crimes that led to the killing of persons are also not covered by this amnesty.

President Assad Grants a New General Amnesty for Terrorist Crimes

The terrorist crimes include working with terrorist groups, financing or training terrorism, manufacturing means of terrorism, or breaching security, and again, only applicable to Syrian citizens, the vast majority of the terrorists in Syria were brought from all over the world by NATO members states and their partners in global crimes against humanity.

Previous amnesties issued by the Syrian leader helped thousands of those who were either brainwashed by NATO propaganda of promoting democracy and freedoms before hitting reality, or those forced to join the ranks of terrorist groups by the terrorists who invaded their towns and villages.

A reconciliation process has ensured safety and exemption from prosecution for those who joined the process from cities and towns cleaned from terrorism by the Syrian armed forces and their allies.

The rights of the Individual victims of the terrorist crimes are not waived by the amnesty.

More in this report: President Assad Grants a New General Amnesty for Terrorist Crimes.

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