Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Syrian President Appoints New Defense Minister

Syrian President Bashar Assad issued a presidential decree appointing a new defense minister, the move was received with much speculation among the camp of the enemies of the Syrian people, those are the NATO spearheaded by the USA, Al Qaeda, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, ISIL (ISIS), and Turkey, why?

President Assad Appoints Ali Mahmoud Abbas as New Minister of Defense

It's no secret anymore that the USA has mobilized 85 countries with their full capacity to destroy Syria, at all costs, the contribution from this evil camp depending on the capabilities of each country came in the shape of weapons, soldiers, spying, logistics, media, and actual terrorists, some contributed with all of those like the regime of the Turkish madman Erdogan, others like Qatar (pronounced Gutter), contributed with money along with their Saudi brethren, and loads of money, former Qatari PM said it amounted to 138 billion US dollars by May 2017 and continuing, while others provided only their country as a conduit for the terrorists like Jordan, and so on. As for the USA and major NATO countries, they provided all the support to the terrorists they could including political and media cover.

The Russian special military operation in Ukraine to disarm the country and disinfect it from radicalism (de-nazify), ensuring its neutralism, and more importantly protecting the people of the Donbas from the Zionist Nazi regime in Kiev, this operation has taught those who still didn't know that truth is the first victim in wars.

As Syrians, we have been hardened by 11 years of the onslaught of lies by the western officials and their propagandists in the western mainstream media, they lied about everything, they created stories, they twisted others, and whenever they were busted they never retracted, they simply created new lies and emphasized on them, now discussing the latest appointment of a new minister of defense in Syria.

Enemies of Syria attributed the changing of the Syrian minister of defense to 'failures of the outgoing minister', 'the setbacks of the Syrian armed forces', 'the distrust among the higher ranks of the Syrian officers', others went as far as telling it's about replacing a minister close to Iran with a minister closer to Russia, and so on.

All of those are straight-out lies and can only be believed by the same fools who believed all the previous Pentagon's propaganda to justify its invasions of Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, and elsewhere, who continue to believe the same liars again. In the first paragraph of my report on Syria News, I didn't only refute these lies, I provided the real reason why the Syrian minister of defense was replaced and it's up to the readers to see which makes more sense: the outgoing minister "served in his post for a little over 4 years," those familiar with the developments in Syria know that during his four years of service, the Syrian army liberated Daraa, the so-called 'cradle of the revolution,' the US-led war of terror on Syria, cleared much of southern Idlib, and large areas of land in central and northern Syria.

I also noted that the outgoing minister of defense is 70 years old and was replaced with a little younger minister who is 64 years old.

You can make up your own mind which is more plausible and see how cheap western media and their politicians have become, or how dumb they believe their audience is.

Read: President Assad Appoints Ali Mahmoud Abbas as New Minister of Defense.

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