Sunday, February 28, 2021

Russia Loses a Helicopter in Northeast Syria

A Russian Mi-35 helicopter crash-landed in Hasakah province, northeast of Syria earlier today, the crew are safe and were taken to the nearby airport.

Russian Helicopter Mi-35 Crash Lands in Hasakah Syria

There were no signs the helicopter was under attack, the crew confirmed the incident was caused by a technical issue.

Russian military and Russian military police are active in the northern regions of Syria after agreeing with NATO on a truce that none of NATO's countries or organizations respected, those include Turkey with its madman Erdogan, the USA still busy looting Syria's oil, wheat, and barley, Al Qaeda and its assorted derivatives, and the separatist Kurds.

Recent Russian checkpoints in northern Syria came under fire recently by NATO's different proxies and the Russians had to reduce their military presence in those areas.

More in this report: Russian Helicopter Crash Lands in Hasakah Province, Northeast Syria.

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