Friday, February 26, 2021

'Donald Biden' Bombs Syria's Northeastern Bu Kamal City at the Iraq Borders

The diverse LGBTQ multi-racial regime of Joseph Biden aka Obama 2.0 bombed the Syrian city of Bu Kamal at the borders with Iraq in the dense of the night, as usual.

The Queers in the Biden regime issued statements announcing the aggression and calling it self-defense after their forces illegally positioned in Iraq allegedly came under fire by missiles that didn't hurt any of them, a false-flag as many Iraqi politicians and analysts confirm to be used to maintain troops in the country as there are still some riches to plunder.

Biden's bombing of Syria is the 4th since he took over from his predecessor 'Barack Trump' a month ago, excuse me for the mix in the names I can't seem to differentiate between US presidents as they all follow the same policies just change their colors: Black - Orange - Pale...

More in this report: Biden’s Diverse Strangelove Pentagon Bombs Syria.

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