Thursday, December 17, 2020

When a UN Watchdog is an Accomplice in War Crime: Syria Files, the OPCW and NATO

When the former Director-General of the OPCW Jose Bustani rejected the US pressure to manipulate reports about Iraq's WMD stockpile, he was sacked under the request of Dick Chenney through John Bolton, two of the least human-beings to serve the US citizens.

French and Belgium Intelligence Agents Prepare a False Flag Chemical Attack in Idlib

The current DG of the watchdog in charge of monitoring the use of chemical weapons worldwide has other priorities, especially concerning his paycheck over the integrity of the organization he's entrusted to lead and the livelihood of millions of people that have, is, and will suffer from the NATO camp acts through his handling of reports.

NATO stands steadfast behind the 'integrity' of the organization as long as it supports NATO's agenda, however absurd that agenda would be like in the case of the use of the deadly "Novichok agent— claimed to be “five to eight times more toxic than VX” by some ‘experts’ — works by blocking acetylcholinesterase (AChE), causing paralysis which in turn prevents B-grade movie screams. It also does not make alleged survivors appear as though they have spent weeks at the elusive fountain of youth." Or how inconsistent reports of a large gas cylinder dropping from a helicopter hundreds of meters high onto a single building in Douma breaking through several ceilings to land softly on a wooden bed without crashing it or smashing the windows beside it from the debris...!

These ludicrous discrepancies, the loss of chain custody of highly important evidence such as chemical samples handled through non-other than Al Qaeda terrorists to NATO member state Turkey, or the fact that the 90 meetings of the UNSC to regurgitate the same lies in each of the meetings about the use of the SAA soldiers of chemical weapons against their own family members and against sites they are about to enter within minutes killing only children and not a single terrorist killed in any of these attacks, or that those calling for these meetings are the exporters of the surplus freedoms and democracies in their countries the likes of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, France, or the USA, into only countries that have established reserves of oil or pose a threat to Israel, such absurd discrepancies do not raise any moment of truth or conscious in the 'diplomats' calling for it.

Miri Wood walks us through some of the above in her latest report discussing the last meeting(s) of the UNSC on the topic and what could be the last statement of the Syrian Ambassador to the UNSC Dr. Bashar Jaafari before he returns to his country and assume his new position as Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs: H.E. Jaafari Decries UN – OPCW 90th anti-Syria Liars Meeting, Calls for Closure of Phony ‘Syria File’.

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