Wednesday, December 2, 2020

There's a Huge Difference between being Pragmatic and Hypocrite Criminal

To defend their country the political leaders should exert all their efforts to defend the principles their countries stand for, unfortunately, with the case of Turkey and since the anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood party reached power and especially after Erdogan consolidated all powers, Turkey does not have any principle left, all is there is temporary 'pragmatism', or role-jumping if you may.

Erdogan mending ties with israel netanyahu

Can someone identify what is Turkey's main principles in politics as a country as of now? Is it a NATO member state that would stand up for NATO and that other NATO member states would stand up for it? Let's ask Greece about that, or France, to name a couple.

Is Turkey an unbiased regional player among the bigger powers? Definitely not, it can be anything but a cheap conduit for NATO expansionism without benefitting from NATO.

Is Turkey a country seeking independent decision? Again, as long as it's committed to NATO plans, namely the US plans, which in turn is controlled by Israel, Turkey cannot be considered independent in its political agendas, and it's not even operating to protect its own interests, always selling cheaper to who pay less.

Does Turkey support the Palestinians' rights? The anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood movements like HAMAS in Gaza, ISIS in Syria and Iraq, Nusra Front in northern Syria, and Al Qaeda global say yes; everybody else judging on Turkey's policies and acts confirm Turkey has done all it can to harm the Palestinians further, save some noises by its Erdogan.

Why in its policies it always ends up working for Israel's interests? That does not require rocket science to discover, ask Erdogan himself, he said after meeting George W. Bush: "We're assigned a leading role in the 'Greater Middle East' project." The 'Middle East project' is literally the 'Greater Israel project' within the PNAC project. PNAC: Project for the New American Century, a neo-conservative radical right-wing project that wants the USA to have full control globally.

Here's Erdogan explicitly expressing his role and comments from his former mentor Erbakan condemning his acts: Erdogan, the Tool in the Hands of the Zionists.

And this explains his recent cozying up to Israel's embattled Netanyahu and the Saudi King Salman, you can ignore all the previous loud screaming from the Turkish madman.

Do keep in mind that during the past 10 years, and especially when Erdogan presumably 'severed' his ties with Israel over the attacks against Gaza and the 'deal of the century', Erdogan doubled the Turkish economic ties with Israel 6 folds, at least, increased his military cooperation in particular in drones and intelligence gathering, and sold stolen Syrian oil to Israel. Everything else is local propaganda to suit his radical electoral base.


“Never give your back to a Turk, otherwise he will betray you and stabs you in the back.”
~Armenian proverb

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