Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Don't Be Surprised: A US Military Drill with ISIS in the Syrian Desert!

They told you they are in Syria to fight ISIS, but ISIS only grew during their illegal intervention, if you were still wondering how, you know nothing about the US foreign interventions.

US army military drill with ISIS affiliate in Al Tanf southeast

Not only the US army drops weapons, food, and medical supplies to ISIS cells in the open desert between Iraq and Syria, most of which they claimed it was by mistake, they are now bragging about their strong relations with their 'partners' ISIS and its affiliated groups.

Here we're talking about a terrorist group called 'Maghawir Thawra' (Revolution Vanguard), it's based in the depth of the Syrian southeastern desert in the Al Tanf border area, it controls the infamous Rukban concentration camp where thousands of Syrian refugees are held in inhumane, disgusting, and horrible conditions, and it carries out its terrorist attacks against the Syrian remote villages committing horrendous massacres and assassinations then retreating to a 'safe zone' of 55 square kilometers protected by the world's largest army, illegally.

While the Syrian Health Ministry is unable to import the most needed medical equipment due to the US and EU sanctions and blockade on the Syrian banking system and Syrian merchants, these terrorist groups are enjoying direct aid from the US taxpayers.

Details in this report: US Army Carried out ‘Military Drill’ with ISIS Affiliate in the Syrian Al Tanf - video included.

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