Monday, November 16, 2020

Syria Lost its Career Diplomat and Revered Foreign Minister Walid Al Muallem

At the age of 79 and over half a century serving in the country's ministry of foreign affairs reaching the top post in it, Walid Al Muallem died this dawn.

Mr. Al Muallem had heart issues which hospitalized him back in 2014, other than those few days at the hospital, Mr. Muallem did not spare a single day throughout his career life defending his country in the most turbulent region in the world, his career saw him climb the ladders of the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to be later representing the country in a number of countries including 9 years as Syria's ambassador to the United States of America during the times the relations between the two countries started seeing its decline after the war criminal George W. Bush and his regime reached power and since then.

The Syrian minister led Syria's 'Army of Diplomats' worldwide and in international organizations fighting for his country in parallel to the Syrian armed forces on the ground in the face of the world's most evil camp led by the USA and its minions in their agenda of hegemony over the rest of the world.

During the past decade and despite enormous offers by the enemies of Syria, one of the offers was a handsome bribe of 75 million US dollars, a mansion, and lifetime benefits to defect from his country and join its enemies, Mr. Al Muallem held ground and not a single Syrian diplomat accepted to betray their country.

Details in this post: Walid Al Muallem: Syria’s Great Patriot Passes at Dawn.

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