Sunday, November 15, 2020

203 Refugees freed from the US-Controlled Rukban Concentration Camp East of Syria

203 new refugees were finally released in the past 24 hours from the Rukban concentration camp in the depth of the Syrian desert at the Syrian - Jordanian - Iraqi borders.

Thousands of refugees are still held against their will in the infamous camp in miserable if not horrific living conditions most of them are children and women.

Among the recently freed refugees were 96 children and 59 women, these refugees fled their towns and villages in the central Syrian cities after a series of massacres committed by ISIS and other NATO-sponsored 'Moderate Rebel' terrorists and were literally herded toward the Tanf border area where the US had already arranged the place to hold them within...

The freed refugees were received by the Syrian authorities and were provided medical and humanitarian aid and the authorities are arranging to return them to the towns they fled from. The Russian and Syrian governments and the United Nations respective agencies made numerous pleads to the US occupation forces to end the suffering of the thousands of Syrian in the concentration camp to very little success, the US regime is using the suffering of these civilians as a bargaining card against the Syrian government.

The Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria confirmed that a little more than 20,000 civilians have already been freed through a specially prepared checkpoint to ensure the security of the returnees.

More in this report: 203 Refugees Released from US-controlled Rukban Concentration Camp.

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