Friday, November 27, 2020

Erdogan Terrorists Bomb with Artillery a Northern Syrian Village

Anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood terrorists working for the Turkish madman and sultan wannabe Erdogan shelled with artillery a town in northern Syria two days after they looted and burned down its houses.

Archive photo

The outskirts of the town of Abu Rassin in the northern countryside of Hasakah near the borders with NATO member state Turkey came under indiscriminate shelling earlier today with heavy artillery by terrorists loyal to NATO's second leader the Turkish madman Erdogan from their posts under the protection of the Turkish army.

Hamzat group, Sultan Murad, and Sultan Soleiman Shah are operating in the northern Syrian governorates, they carry out the agenda of their top political leader Erdogan.

This new shelling followed the storming of the villages in the outskirts of Abu Rassin a couple of days ago, the terrorists looted then burned down the houses of the local Syrians.

Details in this report: Erdogan Terrorists Shell with Artillery Abu Rassin Region in Northern Syria.

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