Friday, October 23, 2020

Terrorists Assassinate Damascus Mufti and Islamic Top Scholar Muhammad Adnan Afyouni

 An explosion killed the Muhammad Adnan Afyouni, the Mufti of Damascus and its Countryside provinces yesterday evening in the city of Qudsaya, west of Damascus.

An IED - Improvised Explosive Device or a bomb - was planted and detonated in the car of one of the leading and revered Islamic scholars Muhammad Adnan Afyouni, his preaching for tolerance, reconciliation, and peace earned him the hatred of NATO terrorists, namely the anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood groups which Turkish Erdogan is their political leader.

The Syrian authorities are not releasing much info as their investigations are ongoing starting with the moment of the explosion, it's not rare to target Muslim clerics in Syria by the radical terrorists brainwashed by NATO and its stooges, a number of Islamic top scholars were killed, one of who was the world's top scholar Mahammad Saeed Ramadan Bouti who was killed in a mosque while studying the Holy Quran with 51 of his students all of them were also killed by a suicide bomber who was executing a fatwa - an Islamic judicial opinion - issued by Qaradawi, the religious leader of the Muslim Brotherhood who lives in Qatar under the protection of the US's largest military base in the Gulf.

Other known members of the Muslim Brotherhood cult is Ayman Zawahri, the current leader of Al Qaeda, if you can connect the dots.

No condemnations will come from western countries, don't count on it, NATO member states and their allies are too much involved in creating and arming these terrorist groups they won't condemn themselves.

More details about yesterday's assassination of Damascus Mufti Muhammad Adnan Afyouni in this report: Damascus Mufti Muhammad Adnan Afyouni Assassinated in a Car Bomb.

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