Tuesday, September 15, 2020

UAV Bombs a Car in Idlib Killing Two Al Qaeda Terrorists in it

An unidentified drone bombed a car in the city of Idlib, northwest of Syria, killing the driver and the passenger next to him, 14 September 2020.
Local unconfirmed reports said the UAV drone that carried out the bombing in the Qussour neighborhood of Idlib, the 'last stronghold of al Qaeda in Syria', belongs to the US-led coalition, no official confirmation from the coalition at the time of writing this report.
It's common among terrorists to be liquidated by their handlers due to numerous reasons, one would be no longer needed, or more useful dead than alive, a propaganda stunt, exchanging cards with other agencies, terrorist went astray, terrorists thinking by themselves and taking their own decisions without direct instructions from their operatives, to help the terrorist's rivals or any other reason.
The nationalities of the spent terrorists today are Tunisian and Yemeni, both were members of the 'Syrian' opposition, as per the US State Department.

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