Sunday, September 13, 2020

COVID 19 in Syria: Seventy Five New Cases Four New Deaths in the Past 24 Hours

Thirty new COVID 19 cases in Syria recorded in the past 24 hours raising the total to 3,506 as of today 12 September 2020, and today's three new cases put the total of deaths at 152 since March, earlier this year.

Syria's struggle with COVID 19 (whether genuine pandemic or a scamdemic) is real considering it overwhelms what's left of the country's healthcare system, which was one of the main targets of the 'freedom fighters' sponsored by the USA and its cronies over the past 9.5 years.
If that's not enough, the USA and the European Union hypocrite humanitarian regimes renewed the draconian sanctions imposed on the Syrian people for one more year starting June 2020 for the EU, and the Caesar Act notorious regime of sanctions by the regime of Donald Trump, both hinder Syria's recovery intentionally and block the country's banking system and its ability to trade with the world.

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