Wednesday, September 2, 2020

The Loudest in Talking Against Israel is the Biggest Supporter of It: The Turks, Erdogan in Particular

Naram Sargon (pen name) is a Syrian political analyst and writer, he used to run a very successful Facebook page with his own posts and hosts posts of selected very high-level posts of other writers with over 300k active followers, his page was deleted, as anticipated and later he started his own site/ blog.

In one of Sargon's latest articles, he takes us in a short journey to the near past when the Egyptian leader Gamal Abdel Nasser visited Syria and visited Raqqa city during his visit, where he warned of the Turks, a prophecy that would realize decades later.
‘Some Arab countries will become tails of the Turks and the West, and Egypt will be forced to confront and protect its national security in Africa. The Turkish danger may not appear today but may appear in the future. Ankara is not serious about supporting the Arabs to confront Israel.’
~Gamal Abdel Nasser
Now, we're seeing a rush by some Gulfies to announce their relationships with Israel publicly after many years of secret relations, the timing now is merely to serve the two embattled Trump and Netanyahu in their political lives, that comes on the account of the Palestinian people, all Muslims in general, and the people of the Levant, in particular, with no benefit at all for the Arabs in exchange of offering normal relations with Israel.
The role of Turkey and now its anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood 'AK Parti', which Erdogan is its absolute dictator, is more than obvious but is sugarcoated with empty slogans. How is that? Read Naram Sargon's post: The Architect and Director of the Arab Normalization Process with Israel from A to Z, Who is He?

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