Thursday, September 3, 2020

Israel Bombs Syrian Army Airport Using US Air Corridor

Israeli fighter jets fired missiles at a Syrian military airport in Homs countryside yesterday late evening using a corridor the US fighter jets use southeast of the country.
The Israeli - US granted - fighter jets fired missiles at the T4 Military Airbase in the desert east of Homs, central Syria, from over at-Tanf area where Trump forces are positioned illegally and where they hold thousands of Syrian families as human shields in the midst of the desert.
Obviously, Netanyahu cares very little for the lives of the US forces in the region, he uses them as cannon fodders for his adventures, if SAA air defense units respond to the fighter jets and not only to the incoming missiles, for sure there will be fatalities among the US forces and that would drag the US for a regional war it wanted out of.
Material damage was reported at the base, but the bombing itself, just 48 hours after a previous one and in the same week when Putin and Netanyahu agreed on 'continuing their coordination over Syrian skies ' raise more questions about the timing and goals Netanyahu, and Trump from behind him, want to achieve from this.
I've detailed some of these points in this report: New Israel Aggression against Syria Targeting T4 Military Airport.

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