Monday, July 13, 2020

UNSC Approved Lifeline for Al-Qaeda in Idlib for One More Year

The United Nations Security Council passed its long-debated resolution yesterday approving the extension of the lifeline for al-Qaeda terrorists in Idlib for one more year, that will be their 7th year since they first got this UNSC-sanctioned lifeline in 2014.

NATO Friends in Syria
NATO Friends in Syria

12 member states voted for the resolution presented by NATO member states Germany and Belgium, campaigned heavily for by the USA, France, and the UK, and three member states of the UNSC abstained: Russia, China, and the Dominic Republic.

The previous lifeline expired on 10th of July and the new lifeline extension came as a compromise after the failure of several attempts to increase the number of border crossings into areas controlled by Al-Qaeda by NATO failed to pass the double Russia-China vetoes, twice.

NATO member states wanted to add 5 more illegal crossings to the protection of the UNSC to deliver supplies to al-Qaeda, Russia suggested only one remains and that was approved, finally.

Don't act like you're surprised, more in this report: UNSC Approves Extending Al-Qaeda Border Crossing to Idlib for One Year

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