Friday, June 26, 2020

NATO Members Tried to Extend a Free Passage for Al-Qaeda at the UNSC

Belgium and Germany penned a resolution draft at the United Nations Security Council to extend for an additional 12 months the mandate of a previous resolution of 2014 allowing open corridors from Turkey into Syria's Idlib, the last stronghold of al-Qaeda as per the US Pentagon.

The draft is supported and marketed largely by the United States and Britain and a chorus of their lackeys, it's strongly opposed by the Syrian government and those actually fighting terrorism for objective reasons.

The open corridors were established theoretically to allow UN agencies to deliver humanitarian aid to the civilians in areas outside the Syrian government control in the north and northwestern regions of the country, that was back in 2014. Since then, the majority of those regions were cleaned from al-Qaeda and its affiliates and are under the control of the Syrian government. The current draft excludes those areas and pushes to keep the two border crossings it mentioned into the areas still under al-Qaeda and its affiliates.

Another reason stated is the use of the previous passages to supply al-Qaeda terrorists with weapons and even personnel through the UN-protected unchecked corridors.

The real humanitarian aid delivered through those passages were handed over to al-Qaeda operatives, wolves in lamb wool, who stockpiled it and started selling the free aid at high prices to the needy families in the region.

Above all of that, from the beginning, it was a breach of Syria's sovereignty that was allowed to pass in order to ease the suffering of the civilians in those areas, which didn't meet its goals.

Russia and China strongly opposed the latest notion despite the push by the UN Secretary-General, the draft needs to be revised or abolished altogether, the mandate expires next month.

More in this report: China and Russia Reject UN Secretary-General Proposal on Open Borders for Al-Qaeda.

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