Saturday, June 27, 2020

Egypt Lost a Number of Precious Opportunities to Lead the Region

The Egyptian government chose the wrong alliance to be in, the alliance that has Israel in the lead and the USA driving from the backseat, and let down the Alliance of the Victors allowing Turkey to grow its influence in the region and around Egypt itself.

Turkish Invasion of Syria.jpg

Lebanese political analyst, editor in chief of Al Anbaa newspaper and former MP Nasser Qandil presents the number of times the Egyptian government placed itself in the wrong alliance and lost precious opportunities to be a leader instead of being led by smaller and worthless entities, especially now that it is dragged to drain its resources in Libya which it could have avoided and won better.

Most of the choices has to do with Egypt's position toward Syria, at the time Egypt condemned the Turkish illegal incursion in Syria's lands, it placed conditions on the Syrian state to accept members of the Turkish-sponsored anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood terrorists in the Syrian government to bring it back to the Arab League, the same League which recognizes the Turkish-backed Muslim Brotherhood government in Libya but the Egyptians want to fight!

More importantly, Egypt chose to be in the US-led Israel gas alliance instead of an alliance with Syria and Lebanon over the east Mediterranean gas projects and pipelines, the alliance Egypt entered will not benefit it at all, on the contrary, it'll strangle the Egyptian economy by blocking its gas exporting routes towards Europe, while the other alliance has the backing of Russia and China, the rising undisputed superpowers in the world.

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