Saturday, February 29, 2020

NATO Klan in UN Frothing over Turkish Al Qaeda Losses in Syria

The NATO Klan of the UN have begun to froth at the mouth over Turkish and al Qaeda losses in Syria, as the SAA continues to liberate every inch. The elite coterie held its seventh anti-Syria diatribe in twenty-seven days. This time, the clique’s near apoplexy used a slight decrease in [illicit] cross-border corridors provided in UNSCR 2504 (2020) as cover for rage over Syria’s resistance against neo-colonial designs.
Assistant Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Deputy Emergency Relief Coordinator Ursula Mueller was first to address the UNSCR. Mueller — who, in October 2019, poo-pooed Turkey’s war crimes of bombing the Alouk Power Plant in Hasaka, twice — somehow missed that Erdogan regime occupation forces cut off this potable water supply on 24 February.
Utilizing the Lowcock Motif of Hearing Voices — initiated by Mueller’s superior on 22 February 2018, who reported to the SC from on the ground in Geneva, the voices of al Qaeda in Ghouta — the Deputy claimed to... Continue reading:

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