Friday, February 28, 2020

Even Trump is Smarter than Erdogan: 37 More Turkish Soldiers Killed in Idlib

Conflicting reports coming from northwest Syria, in Idlib in particular, the conflicts in reports are mainly about the total number of Turkish soldiers killed late yesterday local time, the number is ranging between 22 as per the Erdogan’s propaganda outlets and 37 as per Turkey’s own British allies.

Erdogan’s regime’s propaganda media Anadol Agency stated that 22 Turkish soldiers killed, reference the Turkish governor of occupied Syrian Iskandaron (Hatay).
Erdogan’s war ministry increased the number to 29 Turkish soldiers killed.
The British intelligence media outlet known as SOHR increased the number to 37. Britain maintains the largest listening (spy) post in the world in Cyprus, across the Syrian coast, they listen (spy) to all communications including of Turkey, USA, and Israel, they might have listened to cries by the Turkish soldiers calling for rescue.
Instead of learning from his boss in the ‘White’ House and saying that the Syrians are ‘standing down’ and ‘all is well’ and ‘nobody is harmed’ and silently starts withdrawing his troops from Syria while... Continue reading (2 videos included):

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