Monday, June 3, 2019

Sky News Team Illegally Embeds with Terrorists, Barks Criminal Lies about Syria

Flaunting International Law with the arrogant impunity of western colonialism, a Sky News team has illegally entered Syria, embedded itself with known terrorists, and now screeches war propaganda on behalf of al Qaeda and friends of child beheaders in the S.A.R.

There is an unwritten agreement among warmongering (NATO, military-industrial-complex conspirators) media that they share each other’s criminal lies as gospel, that they never ask even a rudimentary question.

Secure in this obscene pact, the Sky News operatives loudly screamed that they were “clearly identified as journalists,” and more disgustingly screeching about “International Law!”; they completely ignore the part in the Geneva/ICRC Treaties which describes the need of the “government of the State” in which they are located, to “attest to…status as a journalist.”

For the record, to Alex Crawford and her illicit cohorts: Nowhere in the 1949 treaty, nor in any of its amendments, does International Law bestow the rights of civilians onto journalists who illegally enter countries to embed with armed terrorist gangs. Also omitted from International Law is protection to ‘journalists’ involved with blowing up oil refinerieskidnapping women and children, engaging in femicide, slaughtering soldiers defending countries from invading pathogens.

Crawford and her gang of Brit illegals in the... Continue reading:

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