Monday, June 3, 2019

3rd Aggression in a Week, Israel Calling for Regional War

T4 Military Air Base in central Syria has been targeted by Israeli missiles, SAA air defenses managed to shoot down at least 2 of the incoming missiles, others made its way to the airport. Emboldened by the Swamp-Drunk Trump at the White House and his War Regime, and with the Saudi’s alliance, Israel thinks in a coming confrontation its agents will fight on its behalf and it’ll be safe.

One Syrian Arab Army soldier martyred, 3 injured, munition warehouse destroyed and other material damage in the base. Why this base? Because it’s the main SAA military operation in fighting Al-Qaeda’s Nusra Front in Idlib, ISIS remnants in the Syrian eastern and southeastern deserts who have started a campaign against the Syrian Armed Forces recently under the wing of the US forces positioned at Al-Tanf, and other terrorist groups operating... Continue reading:

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