Monday, April 8, 2019

Restoring Daraa’s Health Care Sector After Cleaning it from Terror

In its ‘War Of Terror’ it waged against the Syrian state, the US and its international and regional cronies directed its terrorists to cause the maximum damage to the Syrian state’s infrastructure, especially where it would hurt the people mostly and where the state was providing the services for free, like the education sector, power stations, and more importantly the health care sector where hospitals, clinics, and even ambulance vehicles, all were systematically targeted and destroyed, not latest was yesterday’s heinous attack on Masyaf National Hospital by terrorists operating under Turkey’s protection in Idlib.
Daraa province in the south, where the NATO-sponsored terrorists and their propagandists like to call ‘the cradle of the revolution’ had its share of damage and destruction from the early days of the US-led ‘War Of Terror’ with public facilities attacked, ransacked, torched, and its workers slaughtered, kidnapped, raped, maimed, and lynched in the name of ‘democracy’. The health care sector was severely damaged.

The Syrian state provides free health care from preventive to cancer treatment to all its citizens and subsidizes... Continue reading:

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