Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Erdogan Breaches Idlib Agreement in Hama while Visiting Putin

Erdogan, the lunatic Caliph wannabe, copying his master Netanyahu’s shameless behavior unleashed a group of his terrorists against a military post of the Syrian Arab Army in Hama countryside while visiting Russian President Putin, one of the two guarantors of Erdogan in the Idlib Agreement, the other one is the Iranian President Rouhani.

Erdogan meets Putin in Moscow discuss Syria reach no agreement
A group of suicide terrorists attacked an SAA post on the road towards Taybat Imam town in Hama northern countryside in the dense of the night at 3 am.

The terrorists’ attack was accompanied with heavy concentrated shelling by mortars and medium and heavy machineguns against the SAA post.

Some of the terrorists blew themselves up with their suicide vests while... Continue reading:

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