Monday, February 18, 2013

Why Should Assad Ignore The Opposition Abroad

The question that should be asked by those monitoring the crisis in Syria and following the updates on the ground and the news of the clashes between the state troops and the fanatic Wahhabi Sex Jihadists, is: What difference would bringing those claiming to represent the Syrian opposition abroad make if they have no base on the ground whatsoever? 

The following video clip is a collection of interviews and scenes from Binnish, a calm town in the Syrian Idleb province, north west of Syria near the Turkish borders; it brings you the opinion of those on the ground in what USA, Britain and other western nations and their stooges consider: the sole representatives of the Syrian people, the aspiration of the Syrian people, the legitimate representatives of the Syrian opposition, and other empty definitions and names. 

Hillary Clinton, the founder of the NCS the Qatari Oppsotionists of Syrian State & Syrian People
Watch and enjoy, it's meant to be a gift to those secular figures in the Syrian opposition abroad covering the reality of the 'rebels' and the 'revolution'. Open in YouTube and turn cc on for English subtitles if required: 

After this, can you tell us why on earth should Syrian president and his government talk with those abroad in the Qatari Opposition Coalition of Syria NCS, or in the Istanbul Council of Opposition of Syria SNC, claiming they represent the Syrians and the Syrians aspirations?

Read more about the rise of the Islamist (not Islamic) Caliphate: 

The Arab Spring

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