Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Rise of the Caliphate

Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him has mentioned the rise of the caliphates after his death then how the caliphate would collapse and kingdoms would ensue, then after a while a new Caliphate would rise and lead the nation once again.

Enemies of Islam have read this prophecy and understood it quite well to the extent they manipulated many Muslims in following it. New sects of Islam had to be invented, sects which look like Islam but would work against the tolerance religion, again in another Hadith (words of the prophet) it was mentioned: 'My nation would split into few & seventy sects, all are misguided except one which will remain following my preaching'. Wahhabism was invented by the Brits and used since. Salafism was taken by Wahhabism and it grew very strong especially after Abdul Aziz Al Saud used it to gain influence over Arabia and called it after his family's name.

Wahhabism for Islam is just like Zionism to Judaism and KKK for Christianity, if not worse. Every extremism in any belief or ideology would work against the cause of that belief or ideology naturally, so imagine when it was founded to destroy that belief or ideology.

Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him described a group of people he called Khawarij (Outlaws of Islam), he said they'll be looking like Muslims, growing beards but not shaping it unlike Muslims, wearing shorter dresses, while Muslims are only told to wear dresses that do not touch the ground while walking to avoid filth picked from the ground, he added these group of people will recur multiple times, they will be killing Muslims and making allies with enemies of Islam. Does that sound familiar? Look at the Wahhabi clerics and the followers of Wahhabism how close they are in Saudi & Qatar to the Zionist leaders of the west.

The Zionist leaders of the west have used Wahhabi followers to further their goals, the military wing of Wahhabism is Al Qaeda in its different names depending on the region it is, its political wing regionally is called the Muslim Brotherhood and its international movement is under the wing of Hizbul Tahrir. 

Note how in this documentary this Hizbul Tahrir enjoys freedom in practicing its call for establishing the Caliphate which is supposed to unite Muslims and control their huge nation which naturally should be a threat to the Zionist hegemony, but by organizing it into this system: Al Qaeda fighters, Muslim Brotherhood political parties and Hizbul Tahrir international body, the Zionists dream of keeping the control on the inevitable coming Muslim Ummah (nation) and its leader the Caliph.
This might explain the dream of the Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan of becoming a Caliph over Muslims, and the cancerous Muslim Brotherhood parties in the countries falling into the well designed Arab Spring ,or as Condoleezza Rice put it: 'Creative Chaos'.
They fool you, they keep fooling you & they enjoy fooling you, not because they're smart,
it's because you're foolable.

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