Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Syrian Rebels Thanking Obama & Clinton

US secretary of state Hillary Clinton and her officials don't spare an occasion not to vow support to the 'freedom fighters' in Syria in all types of support: financial, weapons, political cover, shelter.. you name it, and brags about the tens of millions of US dollars in support. The weird part is when other broken countries join in sending financial aid to these rebels, countries like Italy and Spain..! 

Hillary Clinton pledges tens of millions of dollars in support to Al Qaeda
The rebels thanked the US president Barack Obama for his continuous and generous support which exceeds what he offers his own citizens during catastrophes, they thanked him in their own way, in rallies held en masses in areas near the Syrian Turkish borders where the Turkish intelligence are very active, and along with them are the Mossad, CIA, MI6... even the German spy ships provide aid from sea.

Watch this video with English subtitles, turn cc on, if it doesn't work for some reason just open the video clip on YouTube by clicking the link below or the YouTube button inside: 

In another video with English subtitles as well: 

In this one it's very clear how they support Al Nusra Front (Al Qaeda Levant aka FSA) & curse the SNC & Qatar based Coalition: 

The Arab Spring
Know who the real terrorist is?
They need more aid if you would like to send contact the nearest CIA base or the main office telephone number in Langley: (703) 482-0623 or through the form: https://www.cia.gov/contact-cia/index.html

They fool you, they keep fooling you and they enjoy fooling you,
not because they're smart, it's because you're foolable.

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