Friday, December 21, 2012

Al Qaeda FSA Threatens Drinking Water Supplies in Syria

As we mentioned several times before, there's no limit to how low the NATO terrorist organization would reach to achieve its goals, or actually it's not their goals, it's rather the NWO guys goals, as NATO member states are suffering from these mobs as most of humanity on earth is.

In a previous video clip released by one of NATO's 'democratizing countries' tools, Al Qaeda Free Syrian Army (FSA) showed one of its 'battalions' carry out an experiment on rabbits by contaminating air with a chemical mixture of nerve gas then watching the two oversize rabbits suffer and die upon breathing this air. Their threat was more than obvious, they stated they'll attack 'enemies of god, the Nusairi Alawite villages with it'. Of course, we had a terrible experience ourselves with social media sites, mainly YouTube which kept removing the video clip that we added English translation to claiming it's against their 'community standards' while keeping the original video in Arabic!! But the message was spread thanks to some news channels that don't fall under direct control of the NATO propaganda machine.

Previous threat by Al Qaeda FSA to shell civilian villages with nerve gas
Another threat by the same terrorist group which goes under the biblical term it got from Quran describing how God punished an ancient city called Aad (or Ad) by sending them a storm with winds sounding like screams due to velocity and strength that killed them all, this battalion calls itself the 'Screaming Wind Chemical Battalion', as all other Al Qaeda terrorist groups has to carry Islamic names but works totally against Islam teaching, and that's why we call them Islamist and not Islamic. This 'battalion' has released another troubling video with a more heinous threat and this time specifying they'll contaminate the main fresh drinking water spring in Latakia province called Alssin Spring or Assin. 

Watch and see where US, UK, France, Germany and even Japan's tax payers money go, video with English subtitles, +18 viewers please

Guess it's worth noting the uniform the terrorist is wearing is a US Military issued one, just in case it might strike you to wonder:

The US military's joint service lightweight integrated suit technology (JSLIST)
Criminal leaders of the self-claimed 'International Community' sponsoring these groups just to install a puppet regime in Syria should be stopped before a catastrophe worse than what they've already caused in Syria would occur.

If you don't come to democracy, democracy will come to you
Islamist Arab Spring
Then he 'died'

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