Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Americans Are Always Behind - Arab Spring

The Arab Spring was against dictators not accepting to share power with other dictators wannabes, if you think this is not the case, look at the countries infected with this disease: Egypt has a new pharaoh, Tunisia has a new radical fanatic Islamist coalition, Libya is run by also radical fanatic Islamist thugs, Yemen, well.. in Yemen, nothing changed except the country is highly unstable and becoming more divided by the day, I won't get in details in Syria as the picture is more clearer and becoming clearer by the day: trying to replace a secular state with again radical fanatic Islamist thugs group known as Al Qaeda Levant or FSA, Free Syrian Army! 

But a 'spring' should be a spring that will spring off the dictatorship with all miseries that come with it and change the winter & autumn into a lovely spring, but to learn what exactly happened in the Arab Spring, watch this figure closely: 

Arab Spring found

And instead of democracies flourishing, Beardocracy reigned. 

Beardocracy, the new type of ruling the masses

The cost of replacing democracies with 'beardocracies' doesn't matter, one of the hired leading Wahhabi scholars to promote beardocracy said, ironically from Tahrir square in Egypt post Mubarak: 'so what if 100,000 Syrians die for toppling Assad's government?' Another said: 'It's fine to kill one third of the population in order to make the other 2 thirds happy', imagine applying in it in Syria: one third = 7.2 million human beings.

And in case you think that the 'Arab Spring' was a spontaneous public uprising and it's what the Arabs in infected countries wanted, I highly advise you to check this: The Arab Spring, A Spontaneous Public Uprising Or Is It? 

Until now this is fine for people in the west, what do they care for after all? Don't they have enough problems to worry about at home? Healthcare, welfare, education, jobs, taxes, foreclosures.. But wait, if the westerns have so many problems back home and it's mostly financially related, why spending billions to promote 'beardocracies' in the Middle East & North Africa region? And selectively, like in some countries the billions are sent to promote this, while in others very much needy to change we don't see any efforts by western countries. 

Religiously Prohibited in Saudi & Religiously
Encouraged in Syria
Instead of wasting so much billions across the planet to replace secular based ruling countries with fanatic radical Islamists (note not Islamic, Islamists) dictatorship regimes, why not spending it at home to better the lives of westerns themselves? 

Sit back, allocate half an hour of your precious time and enjoy watching the following brilliant clip titled The Collapse of The American Dream Explained in Animation to learn where a real Spring is mostly needed, not a dark winter duped a spring to replace humanity with evil: 

By the way, the same applies to people in UK, France, Germany, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Japan, South Korea... 

Did you know that the cost of running one aircraft carrier in high ocean reaches half a billion dollars a day? That's $500,000,000 every single day, for what? Defending US land from invaders? Do you know that the Zionist Settlers Colony aka Israel receives a sum of $8.2 million a day from US taxpayers? That's enough money to give $100,000 to 8 families each single day, and that's only in direct cash payments not to mention discounts on weapons & machinery purchases which US citizens themselves don't dream of, and it's been the case for the past several decades, while at the same time in the US itself there's 15% of the population on food stamps, that means there are about 50 million US citizens living without proper income on the account of the other US taxpayers. What a great foreign policy your country practice, and what are those aid money used for by israel? Yes, an Iron Dome & a Pillar of Cloud against the largest concentration camp on the planet, the Gaza Strip.

Zionist settlers Pillar of Cloud against Gaza
If you think killing Palestinian civilians in Gaza is more important than your own welfare in the USA then check the nearest psychiatrist. 

Hope you enjoyed the above post and the clip attached, now concentrate carefully on the following image: 
They fool you, they keep fooling you & they enjoy fooling you,
not because they're smart, it's because you're foolable.

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